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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

Final Countdown Tomcat done!

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I’ve built two of these kits in the past.  And actually, one was the second model I built when I got back into the hobby as an adult.  The second build was 4 or 5 years ago as the VX-4 Black Bunny.  I do not remember the difficulty with the past two that this one presented to me. Almost looked like fuse halves were popped out of different molds that did not match. And of course throw in the aging large plastic that finds a way to warp itself sitting inside the box.  
This one came very close a few times of taking flight across the room, but I held my temper and pressed on.  Besides, the biggest screwup was done all by myself without any assistance when I had the wings installed upside down and on the wrong sides.  
Landing gear is a blend of grafting together the Revell and a set of Tamiya’s, as is the exhaust nozzles.  Bang seats and pilots are Tamiya and the cockpit details are Quinta Studios made for the Trumpeter kit.  Wheels by Reskit. 





I thought I had some decals I could use on the Sidewinders and Sparrows but came up empty handed. I can always go back and add them at a later date.  

Now on to the next project. Hmmm…trying to decide. 

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