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Hobby Craft Sea Fury

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Well this project sure took a few turn of events that were changes for the best.  It started out as a “quick out of box” build just to help reduce the stash.  
But then Carl jumps in and offers up a Fisher folded wing.  How can I say no to that!?

Then I discovered the canopy was a hot mess and all out of shape which meant I needed a Squadron vacuum canopy for a Typhoon. 

As construction continued I put a post out on LSP for a Fisher corrected prop.  I was floored when I got a response after a few hours, and like the wing, it was gifted to me as well.  Man, I’m gonna pay it forward in a big way when the opportunity arises.  

After dealing with very fragile decals I decided that I was not going to push my luck trying to weather this one.   I actually had an accident untaping the canopy and grabbed the upper half of the “A” on the right side with Tamiya tape and ripped it off.  Thankfully some careful re-taping and brush work fixed it. 
So much for my quick build. All in all I put about 7 weeks into it.  





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