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While I wait for the needed bits for my Su-33 to arrive, I had planned to work on something already on the bench. That didn't quite go as planned. 

My stash is a huge mess due to some renos going on in the house. Near the top of the pile was this kit. 


The FV 217 is a paper Panzer, based on the FV 214 Conqueror heavy battle tank designed by the British in response to the JS and KV tanks the Soviets were making at the end of the war. I think that's the story anyways. 

As for the kit, It's fairly straightforward, no interior, no PE, no absurdly tiny parts, so I figured why not. 

There was a set of Fruil tracks in the box so decided to start with those. 196 links and one accidental stabbing later, they were together. 


The other bit of AM is a set of paints for the Berlin brigade. 


This is one of the paint options. Although honestly I can't see this thing being to make around any street corners with that cannon barrel in the way...


Onto the build, I started painting bits before assembly but didn't get far. 

The bogies are similar to the HVSS suspension on the Sherman. The kit has the option of working suspension or fixed. The working one has a real spring which looked better than the fixed one so that's what I went with. 



Installed on the lower hull.


The underside of the upper hull has a couple ejector pins that might need clean up. 


And that's where I am after a day's work. 


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Rear hull is done. 


Periscopes for the driver and co-driver(?) in place. 


Gun breech. Nice and simple as nothing will be seen. 


Sponsors are in place. 


This thing looks like a Stug. A giant, super sized Stug.


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15 minutes ago, KevinM said:

Nice one!Are those Fruil tracks metal? look easier to work with?:hsmack:

Yup they're metal. I think they're white metal or something similar. The kit had indie link tracks but each one had two sprue connections and a pair of ejector pin marks that would need clean up so the Fruil tracks were much easier to deal with. A couple needed the holes cleaned up before I could insert the wire but  otherwise it was straightforward.

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Cool subject! I've been considering some of Amusing Hobby's offerings;

their Fv4005 and Conquerer II kits. There's only one Fv4005, and is currently

being restored on YouTube by a Mr Hewes. The Badger is certainly an

intimidating beast!

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This is my second Amusing Hobby build. I did their E100 earlier.  They've both been very similar. A bit simplified but everything goes together nicely. 

The Badger is based on the Conqueror so I imagine that would go together as well as this has. 

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Well, I was in Berlin, which is my excuse, I´ve missed your Berlin Badger build, Carl ;). Love your approach with the `Urban Camo`. Luckily these beasts were not part of the Brigade, the Western Allies had mostly slightly out dated material, maybe because they knew, it would only be captured or destroyed by the Russians, if the worst case happened.
I´ve seen some of the Chieftains with this weird camo, when I was a kid, but lived in the American Sector, so Mutt´s and Patton´s along with Hueys were more often present.

Uschi van der Rosten has some graffiti decals. I have some of these together with my Berlin Wall resin kit.

SHOP Graffiti / Marble Decals - Uschi van der Rosten Carpet Decals (uschivdr.com) 

Cheers Rob

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Just catching up and quite the build while waiting for the SU33 parts to arrive. Love the cammo and it's an eye catcher for sure. have to agree, navigating in city streets and around corners with a barrel that size, surely wouldn't be an easy feat. Nigel (Nige's Model Brench) built a Chieftan (hope I'm right with my very limited knowledge of armor) with the same cammo and it looked awesome - so different, it would be an eye catcher in the display case for sure.

Some mighty nice progress for sure.


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