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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Revell Mosquito 1/32

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Only joined the group today and thought I would join the group build.

My entry is the Revell Mosquito 1/32. Its been in my very small stash a few years but decided this was the next build.

Plan is to add as much details as my mediocre skills will allow without using any aftermarket or 3d printing...all traditional scratch building using styrene and wire etc. Only exception may be decals.

Started in March and started by preparing the cockpit, cutting out the bomb bay doors and correcting the side windows.

Next was bomb bay. Made new bulk heads and roof then added the detail. Will post pictures once painted.

Next will be the cockpit.


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Have now painted the bomb bay. All scratch built and comprises of nearly 100 parts. Plasticard, fuse wire and tape used.

Not aiming to be 100% accurate but hopefully looks like the real thing. Have left the bomb racks out as they obscure alot of the detail.

Also modified the side windows....way to big. Infilled with plasticard same thickness as the  fuselage.

Next is the bulkheads and floor of the cockpit. 






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