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Solar eclipse in Texas.

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It's just started up here. We drove to Hamilton so hopefully will see a total eclipse as Toronto will only get a partial one. 

Right now it's overcast but it looks like we're getting some breaks in the cloud cover. 

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We got our total 7 years ago. It was in the summer time, and we were soaking in the country club pool at the time with eclipse glasses. And beer. Lots of beer.  That’s the day we decided we needed to move from that area. 

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Nice pics, señhores. On my island in the Atlantic, they claimed the start of the eclipse might be visible, but nope, only dramatic sun/cloud pics to show.




Cheers Rob

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43 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

ok, I ask it differently, did you guys noticed any changes in the way animals behaved during the eclipse ?

We were in a large park watching it so some folks had dogs with them and a few started to bark right before the totality. I think the birds stopped chirping at around the same time. It was definitely quieter during the eclipse. Well, except for Edward being loud with excitement.

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