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He 162 A-2 Revell

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After my swiss Bf 109 G-6, I will try to build the He 162 in a "last ditch" edition  :D  After founding pictures from Klaus Herolds He 162 model and a few mails with him, I am happy to have a great guide. For sure I know, I never will reach him. But hey, you cant always be perfect  :blink:


Also I ordered a few aftermarket goodies from CMK, Eduard and Aires. So lets start with the engine:










The first wires come into place.










and more wires







I know the wires are not very straight on my engine, but hey, I'm getting old!  B)




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Looking good Arno! All the plumbing on the engine is convincing! The cockpit is lovely as well...I really like the leather effect you achieved on the headrest and cushion on the seat.

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I really love the Aires main wheel bay, but I still have trouble to handle my airbrush, to lighten some parts up and make shadows in the corner. Also the washing is something I have to learn.





And make one of the larger hoses new. I know there are four clamps and I have only three, but hey, those are the last war days and we are running out of those stuff  :D






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