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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hi guys,


It was not the Ho229 that pulled me away from my He219. Not the Airfix Typhoon. It is the Ar 234! What a lovely kit. I started adding the resin instrument housings to the back of the instrument panel and just couldn't stop. The only thing I'll add are HGW seat belts. I believe 109 harnesses will be correct.



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Man, you move quickly.


Cheers :)


By the way. I've been having the same photo bucket problems you've been experiencing. On one of my laptops it didn't actually copy the link in photo bucket. I believe this to be a Flash problem. Tried it on a different computer and it worked. 


I'm trying to see how to fix this. I'll keep u posted.

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Thnx guys,


Speeding along through the pit. This is limited run so you'll need to fit, check and fit again. Something didn't fit in mine and it took me a while to figure out what it was.

Turned out the pedals (photo etch) are a bit too wide. Or over-tight fit. The kit also supplies plastic pedals (and the model on the Telford stand featured those) but I'll go through the spares box and look for other ones'. No problem. Other than that everything seems to fit just fine.



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Ok Ok!

Care needs be taken in and around the pit. No locating marks, so keep test fitting. 

The instructions tell you to place a clear part in a hole in the chin of the pit (in the pit floor). I fitted this part, but then checked references.

The bomb camera needs to protrude through this hole. So I took the clear part out again and let the camera protrude. See reference pic too.

Next step is to add lots of details and wires / hoses as per reference.







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