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1/24 Typhoon Mk.Ib Updates sets

Dave J

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1/24 Typhoon Mk.Ib Updates

Catalogue # 23016, 23017, 23018, 23019, 23020, 23021, LX001 & 624001


Available from Eduard




When a new kit hits the market… and it’s a highly talked about release, you know that the Aftermarket giants Eduard are going to come to the party! Eduard have certainly done this for the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon and release a number of items to add more detail/correct any parts found in the kit.



624001 Brassin Typhoon Wheels




The Typhoon Brassin wheels are packaged in a clear plastic Clamshell Hanger packaging. The wheels are casted are in mid grey resin on five pour stubs. The set includes two main wheels, tail wheel and four separate wheel hub half’s. Also included is a set of pre-cut kabuki tape masks and printed A3 instructions sheet. The Brassin wheels also add extra detail on the tyre sidewalls that is missed on the kit plastic parts, and the tyres have a better shape to them, with an element of a load bearing weight casted into the parts.

The two piece hubs can be very easily removable with a small razor saw. Each hub has been keyed for correct orientation when they are located into the main tyre parts.

The masks are Eduard's standard masks. These allow you to paint the wheel hubs after the tyres have been painted, although you could paint the tyres and hubs and then assembling them.






23016 Seatbelts (PE)




The Seat belts or Harness, whatever you like to call them are in Eduard’s standard pre-printed they are quick and easy to use. The set includes all the straps and buckets required for one seat. This set will add great addition.


23017 Engine




This set can be a bit misleading… States it’s for the engine, but there isn’t really any parts to address the Kit engine parts at all. What Eduard have included in this set is the internal framing on the engine cowls and FOD mesh grill that were fitted to some Typhoons operating from dusty airfields. This set is only required if you are planning to display your built kit with the engine cowls off to display that huge Napier Sabre Engine.




23018 Landing Flaps




The Landing Flaps are supplied in a large Ziploc bag, the brass sheet is  large but not as large as the HK Models B-17 Flap set… But still a fair size! With the Airfix kit the task of removing the plastic parts should be pretty simple. Eduard Flap sets look quite daunting, but this set for the typhoon looks pretty simple. I would highly recommend you having the correct tools to aid folding some of these large parts and to make your life simpler! With this set you will need to source some 2mm rod for the hinges that run along the edge of the flap. Also a nice addition from Eduard is a little diagram that you can cut out to check that you have the correct position of 83 degrees.




23019 Interior




Airfix has done a great job on the Typhoons kit interior. There are some parts that lack the finesse due to the limitations of plastic injection, so the interior set isn’t that huge. The parts that Eduard include are more of enhancements to the cockpit area. Most of the set are pre-printed parts. The set includes raised bezels for the main instrument panel, the two angled side panels, including lots of levers, dials and other controls for a busy, finer look that plastic parts can’t do. The PE parts are added to existing parts or completely replacing plastic parts. A small sheet of acetate plastic is supplied for the gun sight, which is held in a new PE frame that sits on the kit sight part. Also include is the canopy sliding rail that’s found at the rear of the cockpit, this gives the part a scale thickness than the kit part.




23020 Seatbelts (Fabric)




A newish addition to the Eduard range is Microfiber fabric harness, this set is in conjunction with the guys at HGW. These to me are the only option for harness these days, as result is a totally realistic harness that will drape over your Typhoon's seat very nicely.

Assembling these fabric harness are very simple, all you have to do is thread the fabric through the PE buckles that are supplied within the set. With these being a large 24th scale it should be very simple!


23021 Wing Armament



Each wing of the Typhoon has a pair of 20mm cannons fitted. Airfix has allowed them to pose open on the kit, showing off all the interior of the gun bays. With this set a small amount pf plastic does need to be removed to add these PE parts, with are mainly brackets running down the spar. The gun bay covers receive new skins and ribs for a better realistic appearance. The ammo boxes are replaced with folded PE substitutes, which offer much better detail. 



Canopy Masks (LX001)



Eduard use their standard pre-cut kabuki masking sheet, this sheet includes individually tailored masks for the front windscreen glazing, plus a four part edge mask for the main canopy bubble. You will need to mask the centre section with spare tape or masking fluid due to the curves of the bubble canopy. Also included is a set of masks for the Wheel hubs too.



Airfix Typhoon is a real gem of a kit. Mostly like one of the best kits released last year in my book. Though Eduard sets can add up dollar wise pretty quickly, these sets are well worth it if you want to build the best Typhoon that you could ever own.. The Fabric belts are a must!

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the cockpit knobs also look 'wrong' in this scale - they need to be resin or (God forbid!) turned brass if you are going to add a realistic upgrade


but i will get the set probably just for the instrument panel


i also have just ordered a Sutton harness from Radu as i begin to accumulate aftermarket for this beast (I did order the earlier QK harness which as intimated by Edgar is more likely correct than the QS as flagged here by Radu) so interesting how that compares with the Eduard 's which both look to be the QS??)

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I have the 1/24 Hawker Typhoon A19002 Mk.1B got it from eBay but it’s missing the canopy any am getting a part refund which is good so I only paid AUD $120 but anyway can you please help me out with tracking down a canopy for any links I can use i would very much appreciate it thanks 

yours Steve 

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On 11/29/2019 at 5:16 AM, AussieScot said:


I have the 1/24 Hawker Typhoon A19002 Mk.1B got it from eBay but it’s missing the canopy any am getting a part refund which is good so I only paid AUD $120 but anyway can you please help me out with tracking down a canopy for any links I can use i would very much appreciate it thanks 

yours Steve 

The Airfix website can be used to request spare parts but they tend to be quite slow and expensive (about £3-4 per part). You do also occasionally find people selling split kits on eBay.

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