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James H

Focke-Wulf Fw 189A-1 in Slovakian markings

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Just to prove this isn't another HpH Fw 189 that has bit the dust (and there are many online!), here's a recent shot. 


I'm currently manually masking both the outside AND inside of all glazed areas, and it is taking ages. The masks were awful, and all undersize. I ended up doing this with strips of tape and infilling the centres. Very disappointed with the masks....the only real turd in this kit.



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On 18/04/2017 at 0:11 PM, DocRob said:

Nice Progress on that flying camera bag, the inside is looking great. Is there an instument (compass?) an the steering column?

Cheers Rob

There sure is. PE with a Micro Crystal Clear coat.


Ok, only a little update as I go into fitting the canopy parts. The mid upper fuselage section required a 0.6mm shim of plasticard on either side so that it would come up to the height of the fore and aft clear resin canopies, so no step resulted. This section is glued with odourless CA so that nothing nasty lingers when I fit the clear resin parts. At this stage, progress seems to be slow, but I'm hoping to have the canopies and cupola guns installed within the next 48hrs...if I don't go mad first.



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