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Hasegawa P-40E bringing back that mojo!

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Yes, these came with a P-40 book I had, very convenient too as that way I can represent the overpainted US-markings with dark green

and these will later be covered by handmasked Dutch flags. The prop is ready for the decals, the only ones for this model and a first for

me too. Undercart and wheels have been completed too. Had some trouble when the chin cowl join cracked but that has been repaired

with superglue and will be resprayes together with some touch ups needed.

Getting there and having fun.





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Now you tell me!

Sprayed the "overpainted" US markings and the masks were really helpful to get a nice result. I will be using more of these I'm sure.

Perhaps it is too clean as pics of Dutch B25's show the work was done very roughly but in scale it works better IMHO.

Now to get the Dutch flags masked off using Tamiya tape.




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Nope, they are already sprayed on. The discs represent the overpainted US markings.

First coat of parket plus, I found some Dutch flag decals so no need for masking. This will

speed up the build.


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The devil is in the detail. although I have been working on the p-40 almost every evening it looks like very little progress has been made.

However, the tailwheel is on and the interior of the tailwheel doors and leather boot have been painted. The prop has been fitted with

one of the nylon bushes provided in the kit and is removable. Very handy.

Next stage is the washing/weathering process, although I don't want to make it look too filthy.

The end is in sight.




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