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Revell bf 109 g6 Erich hartmann

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Hi all, I am liking the new look of this great site well done all. 

I am cutting my teeth on Revell's great bf 109 g6, so having  another go at her. Erich hartmann's 9/JG 52 believed to be his backup g6. Small red no. "2" inside  yellow 1. Having seen the film where this aircraft came about, had to have a go. 

Using barracudas great little oil cooler,quick boost's gun bulges, joystick, turbo charger intake, Brassin landing gear, Eaglecals no 132. 

Tamiya acrylic mixes RLM 74, 75 and 76

2017-02-25 09.35.21.jpg

2017-01-05 22.00.10.jpg


2017-03-04 13.54.43.jpg

2017-03-04 13.56.01.jpg

2017-03-04 13.57.05.jpg

2017-03-04 13.55.12.jpg

2017-03-04 13.57.38.jpg

2017-03-04 13.58.12.jpg

2017-03-04 13.58.40.jpg

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18 hours ago, mikester said:

Looking good so far!  Good call on the Brassin landing gear, the one G-6 that I built using the kit parts collapsed after a couple of years on the shelf.

Cheers Mike, yes I read your building this model, and took your advice on the legs + a lot more.. 

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Update with camouflage pattern on, I have decided to stick with rlm 74, 75 and 76 in various shades after watching this film clip many times. I do believe it's a g6 with  tall tail. Here is the link to find the film,  if anyone is interested.  


Adding decals, filters and weathering. As you may guess I am ahead on this build and hope to finish up by this weekend...58bf1bd395e04_2017-03-0720_23_43.thumb.jpg.51ae591f2d571d92be3e31ca24f51ac7.jpg58bf22c307d61_2017-03-0720_22_45.thumb.jpg.c797bb74c310f08f798d77897769d2ba.jpgOI000023.thumb.jpg.5fb9a0c6de51d51f04e81f57ba92e690.jpgOI000024.thumb.jpg.d0f489f0f9db8449783c727b41fc4357.jpg I am putting the final finishing touches to her.......... 58bf23dd0904b_2017-03-0720_29_33.thumb.jpg.ce1f55a41b7e77d7209574832bd334a8.jpg58bf2472d6064_2017-03-0719_48_38.thumb.jpg.ef2f6ca8273576d27e8fee91f6452f9f.jpg





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