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21st Century Schizoid Gustavs

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Well sometimes you find yourself stumped and go off on a tangent, so here I go.  I've been trying to repair some of the collection that was damaged in my move but several models were complete write-offs.  This left me with a rather large collection of parts salvaged from the damaged 109 kits that in most cases I didn't want to use on a new kit but didn't want to toss either.  So thinking to myself, "Mike, you've got a bunch of those 21st Century Toys 109s on the shelf, here's a great way to put those parts to use".  So I set off with a fresh blade in the Tamiya hobby knife and a cold six pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade in the fridge.

If you're familiar with the 1/32 21st CT 109s you know they're a little light on detail and a little clunky in some areas.  For these builds I'm limiting myself to parts from spares bin or aftermarket parts from the stash that have been rendered obsolete that I probably wouldn't have used anyways.  So these were marketed as Friedrichs but they're actually closer to Gustavs so I'm going to do them as G-2s.  I'll be doing Hermann Graf's "Yellow 1" from 9./JG 52 and Hannes Trautloft's "<<-+-" from Stab/JG 54:




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So first order of business is getting the fuselage sorted out.  All extraneous panels have been filled in and missing details have been scribed.  The solid fresh air scoops on the cowl have removed and will be replaced with resin parts.





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Next is taking care of the wheel wells which are basically just gaping holes in the lower wing.  I was able to salvage the nicely detailed strut bays from the trashed Revell kits and graft them in with the aid of some Tamiya Light Curing Putty.  The upper portion of the wheel wells has been spruced up with some plastic stock.  I'll fabricate the inner canvas liners from some lead foil later down the road.  I've also cut off the landing and radiator flaps so they can posed deployed with replacement parts.




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Got some work done on the cockpits, the detail is rather simplified so didn't go real overboard, some Airscale LW placards on the sidewalls was about it.  The seatbelts are HGW and Eduard, can't finish fully installing them until the cockpits goes in and the fuselage halves are joined.





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