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Ashamed of myself for 1/48 jets..


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As a dedicated 1/32 scale prop builder, I’ve found myself tight on space after accounting for 1/32 B-17, B-24, B-25, Lancaster, DC-3, PBY, etc, and I decided modern jets will be served fine in 1/48.

Modern grey and blue jets are not my first love, but they do need building. F-14s, Su-27s, Phantoms, EE Lightnings = waaaay to big for 1/32 and are served well in 1/48, for me anyways.

I catch it constantly from friends over this, so go for it and lay it on thick, y’all.  I’m a traitor! 

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I’m a 1/32 purist, but a prop geek. Modern jets are cool, but I sure don’t have room for six Sukhoi 27s in 1/32. 1/48 does have it’s place, but only as an option. I’d never buy a 1/48 Spitty, 190, or Me-262.

but modern Russian jets, plus F-18s and F-14s?  All the time.

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1 hour ago, mikester said:

I find myself looking at the Eduard 1/48 109s and 190s longingly sometimes!  Must resist!

Roy from Barracuda Sudios mentioned that he's preparing a several sets of cowlings for Revell's 109 G, that will transform the kit to G-10 (Regensburg) K, etc. He didn't specified all of the sub-variants, but it should be worth a while.

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Thanks Phil, Ernie and Maru

I know how Ernie feels and while a 32nd scale guy, I do enjoy building in 48th scale as well:

Size, space and time ... yikes, where have I heard that before?

I've built Tamiya's 48th scale Tomcat and nearly done with Eduard's GR.9 Harrier in less time then building just one 32nd scale kit. Enjoyable, fast moving and fits so nicely in the display case. Of course, being a glutton for punishment, there are a lot of jets I have in both scales and a quickie example:

48th  Scale F4 Phantoms .. All the ZM kits and a few Academy kits to fill in the blank spaces.

32nd scale F4 Phantoms: Tamiya F-4's

Still waiting for "the 32nd scale" F-14 but thoroughly enjoying Tamiya's 48th scale Tomcats

Props ... nothing like 32nd scale

Just my worthless two cents :2c:

Peter :D


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3 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Just build and enjoy .. I've reached the point in life where time is very important and alternating scales is the perfect answer.


Totally agree Peter. Aircraft 1/48 and above, AFV 1/35, Ships 1/350 and above. Anything below is a little difficult on the eyes.


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