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F6C attempt.

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G'day from down here.
I have a habit of not completing projects.
This must NOT turn into my shame file!!20180914_145859.thumb.jpg.5c4e5955de2ffc50e97ad1e031594d48.jpg

Pretty huh.


Grist for the mill,


more grist,


additional flavouring.

Wish me blue skies, Here we go Knights!!

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Glacial progress. Much head scratching, good set of plans and metres of masking tape have bought me to here.
Jumpei Temma's plans printed up to 1/32nd.
1727715295_20180926_1552261.thumb.jpg.41a70a4829607b2d4d44ec62e59c5353.jpgDragon bones.1570180501_20180926_1538311.thumb.jpg.241ac1bdc03d22d2d095322649d6b75a.jpgGutted wheel wells.
196065659_20180926_1541051.thumb.jpg.07a8094b88ca802a6ba8f3b1c930890d.jpgAires  B wheel wells.
Fitted until they fitted,corrections and detail to come.

1845752464_20180926_1539351.thumb.jpg.637a55130c64013ae7d358743d67474d.jpgD fuselage with B firewall mocked up. Notice how much higher the cowl will be.
B firewall from front. Masking tape everywhere.1592323023_20180926_1540071.thumb.jpg.ec695a164cf32b25a53b4044cb7d636e.jpgDragon D nose about to be beaten down.1578076934_20180926_1539101.thumb.jpg.40458f3177a13ea746c28d6f84fa55de.jpg It might be premature, but I think I've found a niche for Dragon's D.

Tchau 4 now.

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                                                                           Light sand and rescribe, then onto the underside of the nose.
























                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I'll also need to clear/clean up the exhaust openings.

Yes, I realise the centre hole for the prop is off .

 I'm calling this close eniugh for government work.

Comments and critiques welcome.


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I think it's just catching the light a bit weird.
I cut templates to match those on the plan, then put a straight edge on the top.
The flat "may" be a little long, but I'll let it cure a while and revisit when the sanding fatigue passes.
Thanks for your input.

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So if anyone sees Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown, if you could ask them to head back and talk to the draughtsmen at NAA?

My message would be, lovely aircraft, now put away the french curves for cowling work. Straight lines will work too!



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