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MARU 5137

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I quite like the music DISTURBED have been normally doing, but IMHO the Simon & Furuncle cover is totally atypical. Too "mainstream" if you will. 

No, I didn't use it as my alarm. But if I did - only once. I HATE being late...  :D

Another cover:


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Thanks Maru, didn't find that one when I searched.

Cover versions can be a real Marmite thing and I have to say I don't particularly like that one. If you do like 'fun' covers check out Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, a sort-of punk 'supergroup' put together by Fate Mike from NOFX, who do some good ones.

A Scottish band called Gun also did a few good ones. They had a minor hit with their cover of Cameo's Word Up but used to do a brilliant live version of Prince's Little Red Corvette.

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It's not Punk related and its not by Disturbed, but quite disturbing and as a cover superseeds the original by far ;) and gives it a new sinister meaning. Sadly not in my otherwise well assorted vinyl shelf.

Cheers Rob


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