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with all the sanding and filling going on with my hip i need a side project

Planning on a tornado ids markings not yet diesided but there are 3 options




the plan is to try new things for me to scrath a few tings

what i have done so far

i know not 100% the real deal but im happy with it




thats it for now



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1 hour ago, Jackster said:

Mark, loving what you are doing with this kit. May I ask how you cut the panels away and are you scratch building new panel doors? Which kit is this, please?





its the old revell ids kit the only game in town in the big scale

normaly italeri will bring out a brand new tool gr4 in the futere

im planning to make the panels again

for the cut out i have used dymotape beside the panel lines and the with a fine razorsaw cut out

i hope this helps otherwise ask away



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Nice IP Mark.

Last operational RAF Tornados arrived back in the UK from Cyprus today. Will be gone by the end of March. 

Scary, I clearly remember them coming into service and built the Revell (?) 1/72 kit of the Panavia prototype as a kid.

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