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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1:32 Revell He219 - with a few mods...

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As this build has been mentioned elsewhere on these forums I guess it's worth picking up where we are on this project.


Started as an out of the box, quick-build, stress reliever - yeah - right!


I won't go into the full background - that would take forever (and is covered in another place anyway) - but this is the latest as of last week - I may get some more done tomorrow - in which case I'll post pix. And this is my *interpretation* of a better looking UHU from the Revell kit - it looks fine straight out of the box and I don't for one minute expect anyone to go cutting up their kit just because I have!


Nacelles all blended into the wing nicely and control surfaces fitted:






And the nacelle before and after:






Have fun!!




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Seriously Iain, this is the most ambitious fix I've seen, and one that teaches a lot of lessons that are well worth reading through.


I've loved (mostly) how this topic moved forward on LSP. I hope you'll manage to draw this to completion with less hassle on both LSM/LSP. Absolutely sterling work so far.

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At one point I did - BiG time  :)


On a roll now (hopefully) and Roy Sutherlands new open cowl flap and radiator set is winging it's way to me as I type - should provide final impetus.




Busy re-scribing surface detail at present.


Rear fuselage has had the upper window added and cross section corrected to a much more rounded/blended shape.


Bases of the fins have also been fattened out with Milliput to blend in with rest of the units:




Still maintain it's an eminently buildable kit at an excellent price. The ZM kit will be better - but more than 3 times the price - and I've already got the Revell kit!  :)



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No bravery here - a hint of madness, with a touch of stupidity, maybe...


Actually - I quite enjoy stuff like this - can be quite fun - I think it's called modelling!  ;)


Can be very satisfying identifying areas that need work and then improving them - I guess I get a kick out of problem solving (well - sometimes...).



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Fascinating !! Roy's rad & cowl bits look superb, so crisp! Lovely stuff - I'll risk saying again ... So glad you've picked up this chalice again Iain - I've three in the stock cupboard if you want any more :)

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Guest styrenedemon

For real, this is beautiful. That's some tasty looking resin. Glad you got your mojo back...hope it stay with you through completion!

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There's nothing like sawing a kit to bits...errr you know what I mean...... I hope.

A great build showing how to understand a subject, using knowledge provided by others, with everyone learning.

That way we are all winners, and Iain is doing the hardest part and enjoying himself immensely.


This original topic is a pioneer, hope more like these will feature on LSM.


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  • 3 months later...

Apologies - just realised I haven't posted any updates...


Wings/nacelles have been given another coat of primer - followed by a going over with 3800 MicroMesh. One or two minor blemishes to fix - then re-scribe panel detail.


The Barracuda radiators and open cowl flaps have been removed from their pour stubs and the surfaces dressed off on flat wet and dry.


Kit cowls have had the kit radiators removed and the moulded in cowl flaps removed so they mate with the new resin ones.


In the images below they're tacked together with BluTak to get an idea of fit and look.













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lol Iain ... you really don't do things by halves, do you? :D


Me ... I'd probably settle for OOB, or would have, if the glaringly obvious errors hadn't been pointed out to me.

The quicker a kit slaps together, the more enjoyment I get ...

I hadn't even heard of the He-219 when it was announced - I was hoping for my beloved Do-17z (<- Theres my plug again!! See, Revell!??)


I probably will still settle for OOB ... Zokei Mura OOB that is :D


You have a great gift Iain ... a good eye ... coupled with hand-eye co-ordination

I enjoy seeing your creative solutions!!


Rog :)

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  • 3 months later...

Apologies for quality of images - quick snaps under poor lighting - still not got everything sorted in the workshop...


First off - the excellent Barracuda cowl flap sets. Deviation from instructions in that I've assembled everything onto cowl fronts - rather than mounting the radiator units to the firewall first. This made adding all those actuator rods a hell of a lot easier!!


Been playing with the nose. 'shelf', armour plate, gun-sight, armoured glass and windshield fitted and blended into nose with sanding sticks - slightly re-shaping the canopy in the process - and removing moulded in frame lines. Front end has been gone over with various grades of MicroMesh and plastic polish to restore clarity of the transparency.


Rear transparency just placed in situ - not bonded yet as I need to do all the radio/radar kit...







Tail feathers on - note corrected fins...



Ventral gun pack front end on...



More when there's, er, more...  smile.png

Have fun!


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I'm following your advice about the installing the cowl flap actuators first.  I just sawed all the pour stubs off last night.  Definately took my time.  Thin resin, didn't want to break anything..


Thanks for all the tips.....


Cheers,  Ian

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And the primer stage is almost in sight!
Cowls assembled and fitted (with lost central 'cone' replaced with home-made resin copy).
Radio/Radar kit painted and fitted.
Rear canopy fitted.
Landing light cover painted clear yellow internally and fitted.
Eduard Brassin wheel parts prepped and part painted.






I *will* finish! smile.png


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  • 1 month later...

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