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The coffee thread.

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I love coffee. Coffee from all over the world. I am drinking Brazilian coffee right now. Where I live, Newtown NSW Australia, coffee is a big deal. Newtown has some of the best coffee in Australia.  Indeed, many Australians are coffee snobs. (We have gone from being convicts to snobs)

There are 10 excellent cafe's a stone's throw from my flat. Campo's cafe possibly being the best. In my fridge there are 3 kilos of excellent coffee, purchased from Hawit's coffee and nuts, Campsie. Mmmmm

Hawat's Coffee & Nuts

292 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194
(02) 9787 3093 https://g.co/kgs/smRoY2

, nuts! :thumbsup2:

So, who here loves coffee?

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Dear Sir Desmond
I love a good "Australian made" coffee, as in made by an Australian barista, If ever stuck in London New Zealanders and good at making a good coffee.

We are close neighbours, I may live in Manly, Sydney where the Belgrave Cartel along with other small baristas exist. But our Agency https://www.facebook.com/brainsadagency/ is on Forveaux Street, Surry Hills, which is a competing coffee paradise.

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Here in the Bogan area of Queensland, instant rules.  At my house, International Roast.  Cheap and easy.  Some make an attempt at pretension, but at the local barista, it’s a selection of lattes and other creamy slop.


No French Roast, my personal favourite.  No selection of fine coffees for those who want a bit of flavour without a hefty dose of milk and or sugar.  You want it black, you ask for a flat black.  There are no other options for the sugarless, milk less devotee.


We had a coffee machine for a while, but it fell out of use.  Too much trouble when you can’t get the bean you want.


Most of the time I’m happy with a coke.

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I don't drink coffee. I've always found it too bitter unless it's 1/2 milk and 4 spoons of sugar. Then I can drink it in desperation.

My wife on the other hand, loves coffee. I'm always finding new ways for her to torture me by making it. Whether it's by getting her a new French press, or a cold brew thingy I'm always looking for something.

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Sir, I acknowledge your status as a coffee snob and raise you . . . 

As a Melburnian, I assume the position of Australian coffee snob. :lol:

I’m currently in Hawai’i on holiday looking forward to a visit to the Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Missouri and enjoying some lovely coffee here, although my American friends do commit the ultimate coffee crime with their “creamer” powder, destroying their coffee experience . . . (Oh, the horror!!! :icon_eek:)

Life is too short to have coffee with anything other than real milk or ice-cream as per Italian style affogato. :thumbsup2:

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