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Books relating to modelling subject you are reading or have read.

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Hi guys.

For some years I couldn't read. I can now and am devouring books. I love history books. Here are the books I finished in the last week.

Soaring to glory. Tuskeegee airmen. Handleman, Stewart.

The sea devils. Felton.

Heroes of the skies. Veitch.

Stuka attack. Saunders.

Air battle for Dunkirk. Franks.

What are you reading?

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Some of my most memorable books usually are found on travelling through various countries.

I was in Laos 3 or 4 years ago when I picked ip a copy of "The Ravens, Pilots off the Secret War on Laos" by Christopher Robbins
it certainly explained a much more complex picture and history than I had realised. 

Having visited the Udvar_Hazy Centre in Washington DC, and seeing the restored Silverplate B-29
https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/boeing-b-29-superfortress-enola-gay I then found a copy of
"Return of the Enola Gay" by Paul W Tibbets

Spent a whole day at the Udvar_Hazy, so much to see and photograph there, along with talking with some of the guides and hiring their histories.
oh back then, Some great Space exhibits there, plus, I had the chance to see the Apollo 11 being restored, prior to going on it anniversary tour.

Lastly, following on from Apollo 11. A book I found by accident, but had only just got around to reading this October, and fatefully just as the announcement came of the death of Alexei Leonov. The Book is "The Two Sides of the "Moon" both crediting David Scott and Alexei Leonov.
I know Large Scale Modeller does not have a slot for Space models, but I grew up in the 60's and had build that Revell Gemini kit, along with Airfix Apollo Saturn 5 models and as many Apollo kits as I could get my hands on ( as a youngster can get growing up in the UK ) I do get around the missing space model range by just building them in Lego






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When I was you g, I could not get enough of the « Buck Danny » comics. They told the story of a US Navy major and his two wingmen/mates. I derived a love for e erything Navy, and the Panthers / Cougars / vigilantes / Demons, etc ... The series still exist today, with more elaborate scenarii, and far better aircraft illustrations by a well-known French aviation artist, Francis Bergèse.

The « Chevaliers du Ciel « comic series with the Mirage III C : heaven as well :)

And I read Closterman’s « Le Grand Cirque », of course. I grew with the feeling that the Tempest was soooooo much better than the Spitfire because of this book, but it was not enough for me to build any of those as kits ...


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