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trumpeter SU-30 with Eduard ejector seats & panels

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I'm enjoying the enforced time at home, this is the first aircraft kit I've completed in over 3 years and my first trumpeter kit. Really enjoyed it, the decals were a pain to release from the backing and silvered (that might have been my poor varnishing though). Thanks for those who gave me tips on painting the engine covers, for my ability and skill level I was more than happy with how they turned out (I used Tamiya pastels). The kit went together really well - couple of minor issues mainly down to me - I couldn't get the internal mirrors to stick to the canopy and was worried I would mark it with glue so gave up. The pilot HUD was impossible to put together and I lost patience - it's in the bin ! The canopy is slightly too narrow, I probably could have stuck it down better but again worried about glue on the clear plastic. Hardly any filler needed. Overall it's a big kit. All I'm waiting for now is the wingtip ECM pods from Zactomodels - I wanted to build it in the colour scheme of the SU-30MK2 of the Chinese navy so the kit wingtip rocket thingies needed to be replaced.  I did some light weathering, overall I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Sorry about the poor quality pictures. My next build is in the post (special hobby 1/32 Buckeye in the Greek scheme) and I'm going to use the time before it turns up to clear a couple of kits from the shelf of doom. Oh, this is also the first kit made in my new den. I say new, it's a room in the loft that I had built about 30 years ago but due to a growing family over the years the room became what all lofts are normally used for - storage. Back in November I had a clear out and created my room, it is a little piece of heaven ! 




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