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  1. Well done, very realistic! Mike
  2. Nice build! One of my favorite pilots of WW II, a real colorful character. Mike
  3. Hopefully this weekend! Mike
  4. Awesome! I always envision my kits turning out something like that but they never quite make it. Edit: I've also labeled my setting solutions like you so I don't get them mixed up. Mike
  5. Thanks for the info! Mike
  6. Getting closer to spraying some paint. Got the left sponson built as a test. Will button this one up and display the right one open. Was curious how all these curved parts would fit together and was very pleased with the result.
  7. Nice build, love the finish and weathering. Mike
  8. Interesting subject, I had never heard of this one before. Not sure I would want to fly it either. You have some serious skills there, will be following along. Mike
  9. That's what it's all about! Mike
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