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Shamrock 201

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Well, here we are boys and girls.   Stuck inside, no work to go to, and much stress to release.  I've been grinding away at my F-16 and realized I probably only have about 2 more weeks of work left before it gets wrapped up.  So began the plastic fondling to figure out what next?  It came down to an F-15I or F-4J.  The deciding factor was I have everything I need for the big Phantom but need a few things for the Ra'am to pose it in flight and armed up.  So out comes Shamrock 201 with some goodies to boot.  My dad had a very good friend from flight school that ended up with VMFA-333 in the Phantom do theres a neat connection there.  I may even pass the bird along to him in the future.   Here's where we start: Tamiya F-4J, Fox One decals, AOA stencils, Quickboost seats and intake plugs, and Eduard missiles.   Any and all suggestions for building the Tamiya kit will be much appreciated!  She'll be in a "parked" configuration.   Folded wings, plugs in, rbf tags on, and ladders on.  







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But an F-4 could still fly with its wings folded. Just wasn't recommended. :D

I think I'd add some correctly sized burner cans to your list.  The kit ones are very undersized. 

Some folks will cut the tailplanes apart so they can install the exhaust section to the fuselage and clean up the seams easier. I've done it both ways. 

Don't forget to sand down the raised panels on the fuselage. Some are BDR patches and others aren't so check your references. 


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The F-15 is gonna be in flight you goobers!  This one will be parked.   Carl, I had thought I heard something about working with the tail planes differently than instructed.  That makes sense and its something I will look into doing for sure.   Mark, thanks for the link.  I will go through it tomorrow. 

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