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The Speedy was the ship that Cochrane earned his wings. Captured a Spanish frigate with Speedy. His bio reads like a novel.

In fact, his exploits have been fictionalized several times.  The Horatio Hornblower novels and of course the Captain Aubrey and Dr. Maturin novels, one of which was made into a movie “Master and Commander”.   

HMS Speedy was the real ship that became HMS Surprise, etc.

Cochrane was a serious badass who tore up the French and Spanish. 

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3 hours ago, GazzaS said:

That's great!  I have a few warship kits myself...  Just haven't been in that frame of mind, lately.

One plastic kit I really want to do I’d the 1/200 scale Hood in the 30s during her South Pacific tour. I have the kit, a full Pontus set, some Shapeways stuff, and,... no room on my bench.

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