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Rescued from "The Shelf of Dooooomm" - Tamiya Mk.VIII Spit

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So I was clearing out some rubbish from the Garage and I found a Mk.VIII Spitfire that I started back in 2010 when the kit was first released by Tamiya...


Looking at its current state, I cocked up the paint masks... thinking back this was probably the first time I tried to use a multi part mask. Its nearly finished and it won't require much work to get it back to workable state to complete it!








Looking into the pit area... I have used the kit parts and added my own wiring, placards, Eduard Harness and Master barrels.. So it will be a shame for it to sit and rot away





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So with the little time I had free this weekend, I managed to repaint the Spit over the areas that needed to fixed. I used Bluetak sausages to mask off the camo spots that needed to be touched up. The yellow ID stripes and the red patches around the MG's on the wings were repainted also.








I tried a number of times to get the oval shape right on the underside of the nose correct.. but failed horribly each time.... So I had figure out a better way to get the shape correct. Then it clicked! I had a high res scan of the paint scheme on my iPad.. I pulled it up and enlarged it to about the correct size and used Tamiya tape to trace the outline of it!




Plan tonight/tomorrow is to touch up the nose camo spots, a clear coat and start adding decals!

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All Glossed up! This is the second time that I used Mr Color GXIII Clear and I loving the stuff! I need to buy shares in this product!




Tape removed and the oval is a way lot better than I was achieve with the Bluetak.




Decals are starting to go now... I am using Barracuda Cal's Mk.VIII sheet for the National Insignia and Stencils. And the scheme I'm going with is Bill Skinners, Lonesome Polecat.









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The Barracuda decals are printed by Catograf, so they gone down flawlessly with a bit heat... Next up is one of the things I hate... Tamiya Decals! Suprisely, Tamiya decals went down well with some heat applied to them.







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Looking great! Do you never sleep?


Yeap... I called it quits at 12.30am



If this is a typical example from your shelf of doom, i hate to think what your shelf of success looks like.

Very nice Spit.



Thanks Cees,


I don't have many on the Shelf of Doom... I had a huge clean out late last year, and only kept the ones that could be "Saved"

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Time for another update... Over the last couple of days I have applied another gloss cost to seal the decals in and given it a oil wash to start fading the panels.









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After being impressed with the AK Interactive stuff on the Bf109F build, I used it once again on the spit. I used the Africa Korps Filter and Dust effects on the upper surfaces and the Salt Streaks from the Naval range on the lower surface.






Using Chainmail from the Citadel range, I dry brushed the wear in the wing roots... I'm happy with the port side...




but not so with the Starboard side... I going to have touch it up...It looks good in the photo, but not in person....



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Yeap... and something about Stars and Bars on a Spit too!

You forgot to finish the sentence with..."that looks so wrong"




Looks awesome Dave, even if the stars and bars really don't work for me

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Got a little more done last night..


Touched up that Starboard wing root... Looks way better now.




I have weathered it bit more with some AK Pigments.. which tone down the Camo scheme quite a bit..




Anntenna and Landing Struts fitted! Just need to paint the tyres, Cockpit door and added some fuel/oil/dust weathering and I could call it done!



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Love it Dave .. it's looking fantastic and well worth salvaging it from the "Shelf of Doooom!!"


One day, if you've time, I would really like to know how you use that AK Interactive stuff.  I'm still quite "green" on my return to modelling and am a little wary of using anything other than the simple and easy Flory Wash.  It scares me a little, in as much as, if I c*ck it up, have I ruined all my previous work.

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Cheers Grant!


The AK Interactive stuff is still new to me too.. But the couple of times that I have used it, results are great! You would need a good protective gloss coat you should be fine to remove it with some thinners or white sprits if you cock up..


I have been applying all the stuff with brushes and removing them by blotting a paper towel or a brush dipped in some thinner to get the required result..

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Wheels and Prop are now fitted... I just need to add some chipping to the prop, but I need to find a brown coloured pencil and the kids are asleep so I can't go raiding their bedroom!






Added a bit more chipping to the port wing root with a silver pencil.




I removed the Canopy masks and something has ran underneath and marked them.. I am going to have a try of saving them, but I think I will be trying to get some parts from Tamiya...




Lamps and weathering done on the underside, Oil streaking was done with AK Interactive Engine Grime and dust with AK Pigments..





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Thank for the insight Dave.  The Spit looks just STUNNING !! I love the streaky oil and grime staining .. it's just right !


I know that nearly all aircraft (and pilots in particular) like a completely clear window but, in the middle east where they're operating from sandy bases and encountering sand storms and the like, the glass could become "sandblasted" and appear slightly dull.  Not the ultra mirror shine that Future can provide (If that makes sense).  


With a bit of tidying up, the rear canopy particularly, I actually like the dustiness / scratched / abraded look of the canopy as it is.

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