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Not sure if this is the spot to put this or not but here it goes.I have not been building any of late for I have literally run out of room to house the project!So my other hobby is wood so a plan was put into place and completed in the last week.The wall cabinet I built 15 years ago had finally filled up the spacing on the shelves is 7" good for most 1/32 and 1/24 and that is the plan for the future.The floor cabinet is 5" spacing and has 1/48 and 1/72 those being two engine a/c  mainly. The wall mounts have have 1/72 single engine for the most part.I am finishing up an old project a 1/24 MkV Spit now that the big cabinet has finally cleared out and then on to the 1/32 Kinetic Sabre. ;)

cabinet 001.JPG

cabinet 003.JPG

Man Cave 001.JPG

cabinet 006.JPG

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Thks Guys!The wood working guys I am still teaching myself it's  something I would like to make money at in retirement..............but some pieces take some time.The new cabinet I bought rough oak white and red and plane it down all in all $200 lumber $330 glass if I sold it 900/950.Last pic on wood work I had originally built this for my nephew who was the head coach at Indiana (baseball) it would of fit  the house perfectly but now he's at MS State not at all.It's made of Sapele(African mahogany),maple,cherry and birch with inlays on the legs all mortise/tenon.

woodwork 001.JPG

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