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Accurate Miniatures F3F-1 and F3F-2 1/48 -- Completed (new member saying hello)

Landlubber Mike

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Hi everyone,

I've been sorta hiding in the bushes the past year seeing all the great work on here.  I know @Clunkmeister from another forum, and he encouraged me to set up an account and post my work here.  So, here goes!  I just started plastic modeling in the past year, before that working on wooden ship models and ship in bottle models, and having other hobbies like pen turning.   The plastic world is a lot different from when I was a kid with all the amazing aftermarket, higher quality kits, airbrushes, acrylic paints, and of course, internet forums where folks kindly share their builds, tips and experiences.

When I got back into plastic last summer, I started with the Accurate Miniatures F4B-4 and P-6E double box set in 1/72 scale (along with Starfighter resin aftermarket and decals).  I figured I'd start small to get my feet wet, but man, that scale is a bit too small for me.  I did learn a lot though, and was bit by the plastic bug.  So now I have a good sized stash.  I have a bunch of kits in the 1/48 scale, which I'm planning to work on to get my skills up before tackling the 1/32 kits I have from Zoukei Mura, Trumpeter, Wingnut Wings, etc.

Hope you don't mind me posting here!

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Enough about me, here are some pictures of my second pair of models using the excellent Accurate Miniatures F3F-1 and F3F-2 kits.  These were built using the Eduard F3F PE set, Yellow Wings Decals (not sure I actually used any now that I think of it), and Montex masks/stencils.  For paints, I mostly used Vallejo (including Vallejo Metal Color for the aluminum and other metal finishes), but did use Mr. Surfacer and Tamiya rattle can primers, and decanted Tamiya "Camel Yellow" for the yellow top wing.  For the US insignia on the wings, I painted those using the Montex stencils rather than using the kit decals.  I went with very light shading/weathering, using Vallejo washes, and used EZ-line "Fine" for the rigging.

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, but here goes:








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Here's a question for everyone - I just started building an F4F-4 Wildcat (to be built as the FM-1 using the Wolfpack wing fold conversion set and Aires super detail set).  Is it worth me starting a log here?  Or should I just post final pictures when I'm done?  I know this is a 1/32 and up site, so don't want to muck things up with my punier builds. :) 

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Hello Mike, first of all, good to see you making it to our little place in the web, which is biased heavily towards large scale, but luckily not dogmatic about it ;). With the kits you show, you haven't chosen the easiest path into modelling it seems. Nice job with all that rigging and antennas and the engines seemed to have received some wiring too.
Should you do a WIP, absolutely. From my own experience a WIP-log is helping others as much as it helps yourself, getting feedback, experiences and reference from other members. WIP-ing is a win-win thing, though and bread and butter of the forum.

Cheers Rob

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Thanks guys, really appreciate it.  I do enjoy posting my WIP builds not just to get all the much needed assistance and feedback as I slowly make my way up the learning curve, but also I enjoy the camaraderie and not building in a vacuum.  I've certainly gotten a lot of help from folks on the other forum (which is dedicated to model ships), but I think I would likewise benefit from folks here who are so well versed in the plastic medium and flying things rather than swimming things. :)

Rob, you aren't kidding when you said I haven't chosen the easiest path.  I did the same thing with some ship kits, deciding to start with a 1/700 kit with full aftermarket instead of a 1/350 one. I think I've gone half blind trying to get it together with the microscopic PE add-ons!  

I thought the 1/72 kits would be inexpensive, easy kits to learn on but they were tough!  Putting aside the size, the fact that they were biplanes, the relatively complicated color schemes, some warped parts (I needed to build a cowl for the F4B-4), and it being my first foray into plastic models in probably three and a half decades, made for a rough road -- learned a lot, and came up with a lot of new colorful language.  Oh, and I mistakenly bought Tamiya PS line paint for the yellow wings not realizing I should have gotten the TS line, and the paint runs really hot!  Needed to weather the planes more heavily than I originally intended to blend in the mess.  They came out ok I suppose for my first time.




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Mike for a start :1051927712:.........great to see new faces, as Rob said we blend all scales and genres here at LSM and nobody is bothered by it, so model away, enjoy, ask anything. I’ve only been back to the hobby 3 years and still learning a massive amount from these guys, btw this is the only modelling forum I’m on as well........


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Mike, I might be scared admitting you know me. You might get rotten tomatoes tossed and all.

Just so you know, there MSW is the sister site to LSM, and a few members here also model wooden ships as well.  Rob is one, and Hubert is a member as well.  Plus myself, although I’m a newb over there. 

You sure picked some tough kits to break back into the hobby. Yikes!  

We aren’t all that concerned with what you build here, just as long as you like to build. Aircraft are my big thing. I’m the second worst armor builder in the world, and I only say that because I’m sure somewhere, someplace, there’s bound to be that one.....

But we all like WIPs, start your build log and you’ll get plenty of feedback. Many here will give you hints and tips if you ask, and all in all, we’re a friendly bunch and not as huge as MSW so that your build disappears in an hour. 



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