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3rd annual LSM Christmas Raffle winners.


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Now on to the fun.  Every name is put into my hat, and Joy draws them.  They’re assigned a prize in the order the prizes are listed.  So first name gets #1 prize, second gets #2 and so on.  If there are prizes leftover after all names are drawn, and it appears there will be, the names will all go back in to be redrawn until all prizes are drawn.

Then, all names are put back in and three new names are drawn from all entrants for the three big ones in the order they’re listed : A-26, the Ki-45, and finally the Felixstowe.

So yes, it IS possible up to three people can with three times.  

So, here goes......

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1. Special Hobby 1/32 Hawker Tempest (Krow) won by BlrwestSiR

2. Choice of: 1/32 Fisher Hawker Sea Fury or F9F-5 Panther  -  (Clunkmeister) won by GazzaS

3. Takom 1/35 Renault FT and 1/35 Tiger with Wittmann’s crew  in resin -  (Clunkmeister)  won by Leitch144

4. Eduard 1/32 Bf-109E  -  (BlrwestSiR) won by HubertB

5. Revell 1/32 Junkers Ju-88 A-1  -  (Smitty44) won by Bill_S

6. Valiant Wungs  Airframe Almum #4 on Westland Whirlwind  -  (HubertB) won by Winnie

7. Yellow Series Mushroom book on A5M Claude  -  (HubertB) won by Winnie

8. Silhouette Cameo cutting plotter w/spare cutting mat and spare blade  -  (HubertB) won by TJTX

7. $10 Gift Card  -  (Gaming Dragon32) won by Jeff

8. Reskit MH-60 main rotor hub and tail rotor upgrade sets  -  (Seiran01) won by GamingDragon32

9. Trumpeter 1/32 Bf-109K-4. -  (1to1scale) won by Pardelhas

10. Revell 1/32 Heinkel Salamander  -  (Bill_S) won by BradG

11. Williams Bros 1/32 GeeBee Z racer  -  (Bill_S) won by 1to1scale

12. Fly 1/32 Natter  -  (Pardelhas) won by Krow

13. 21st Century Toys 1/32 F4U-1/4 Corsair  -  (ScottsGT) won by Smitty44

14. Revell 1/32 F4F-4 Wildcat Smithsonian Edition  -  (ScottsGT) won by AlanG

15. Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-4 Corsair  -  (ScottsGT) won by Recon

16. Trumpeter 1/32 P-51D Mustang  -  (ScottsGT) won by Harv

17. Hannants gift certificate for £50  -  (GazzaS) won by ScottsGt

18. 3 new Tamiya tools, a set of photo etch bending pliers, a photo etch diamond file, and a pair of PE scissors  -  (Winnie) won by Seiran01

19. One package including: Warbird tech F/A-18 book, eagle strike FW-190 Fighters pt. 1, eagle cals ec32-105a P-47D, cam 32-070 F-4N VF-161  -  (Recon) won by Jeff

20. 1/32 Trumpeter SBD-1/2 with Yahu panel.  -(TJTX) won by Landlubber Mike

21. 1/32 Eduard Revell Fw190 F8 PE Interior (33149) and Eduard PE Seatbelt Set (32843)  -  (AlanG)  won by GazzaS

22. 1/32 Aviattic Pfalz D.llla lozenge decals  -  (Pardelhas) won by Winnie

23. Wingnut Wings featured build book  -  (Pardelhas) won by Recon

24. TwoBobs F-16C Golden State Griffins decal sheet  -  ([Cat]Cpl.Slade) won bySmitty44


Grand Prizes:

1. Hobby Boss A-26 with 2x Engine upgrade kits  won by Smitty44

2. ZM Ki.45 kit won by AlanG

3. Wingnut Wings Felixstowe F2a (late) won my Landlubber Mike

Merry Christmas to all out there, and I hope people are excited with how it ended up. Hopefully we’ll see some new builds up on the board soon, and if you are mad at what you won, please complain to my wife.  :)

Also, one final order of business:  if, through oversight on my part I didn’t award your prize or missed drawing your name, please PM me and I’ll fix it.    Everyone should have won at least one prize.


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1 minute ago, Clunkmeister said:

GazzaS,  Leitch144, and Landlubber Mike,  please PM me your addresses.  Smitty, I know I have hours, you lucky so.

GazzaS, choose your poison, mate.

Thank you, Ern!  I believe I'll select the F9F-5 Panther.   

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