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  1. Someone recieved the kit and has pics of what's inside on LSP. It's absolutely stunning.
  2. Hope you have a splendid day!!
  3. Very nice work! I so enjoyed building the D.1!
  4. Gotta love those Aires seatbelts, eh? I have two C's in the stash. One will be a C from VMFA-232, and the other converted to an A from VMFA-314. I need to fine another D so I can do Blue Angel #7, but they are hard to find nowadays.
  5. Fantastic! I'll be checking in on this one!!!
  6. .......I love everything Albatros Albatros C.III Update | AeroScale
  7. Nice. I know Spieberg and Tom Hanks are doing a Band of Brothers like series based on that book. I wonder how its coming?
  8. That one is a ways out, but I do really need to do a build thread.
  9. Looking good, Bill! Shoehorning all that stuff into ZM kits is a challenge, indeed.
  10. I hadn't seen this before either . What a fantastic build. I got everything assembled to do Memphis Belle. I was actually thinking about it this morning. Hmmm....
  11. This conversion is way better than GT. You dont have to cut the wing. F-4B/N Conversion Set (realmodel.cz)
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