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  1. Beautiful job, Wolf. I can't wait to dig into mine. I hope you are well my friend!
  2. Of their first release, the Skystreak I believe, yes. The Viggen just started shipping. Ernie has one on the way. They are legit. Learjet up next.
  3. Huge thread about the Viggen on LSP. They have a facebook page, check it out.
  4. Since I spent a couple hundred on resin for an F-4B conversion. Exciting though.
  5. Anyone want to meet me in Reno instead?
  6. Looks like Vegas has just reinstated the indoor mask mandate.
  7. Omaha puts on a fantastic show.
  8. Believe it or not it's just the opposite here in California. Some places are offering $50 just to come interview, and a lot of them are paying huge incentives for staying for 3 and 6 months on the job. Many are making much more on unemployment with covid bonuses than they would get working. I did find an amazing managerial position though, so yes, I was very fortunate.
  9. Got as new job that starts the 18th so my sights are on Omaha. Had it all lined up and set, but my previous employer that I left a job of 7 years to work for fired everyone. So now I am gratefully at the mercy of my new boss. Vegas was gonna be amazing too. Such is life.
  10. I keep my stash in a zip lock baggie, easy peasy.
  11. God Bless America, thank you!
  12. Even open in Cali, June 15 as ll orders will be dropped. WFO!
  13. I have to say the shift from Chinese manufacturing to Eastern Europe may not be such a bad thing. I'd much rather send my money to the Ukraine or the Czech republic. I greatly appreciate their contribution that helped bring our scale to what it is.
  14. I imagine the rats down there are as big as dogs?
  15. Can someone please change the title to 77th anniversary, please.
  16. Glen has confirmed on TOS. No friggin' Jaguar..........still!!!
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