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  1. I brought these in from having painted the interiors. Now it's time to paint the unseen details and start sealing these bitches up. This is not counting the eight other kits in various stages to be completed this year.
  2. It's never about what it's about.
  3. It seems someone recently brought up the Tamiya blog about the impending doom facing the plastic kit industry written two years ago, and here we have a new LSP and a new car from them. Guess things aren't that bad.
  4. If you are interested in Panthers or Tigers, look at the pricing for RFM, Takom, or Meng near you. They are comparable to Dragon and are often cheaper.
  5. Well, it really comes down to what one expects from the kit. If you are mostly an airplane guy and just want to try a few armor kits as a lark and a palate-cleanser and you only expect it to look the part when finished, then they serve their purpose. I have been spoiled by building a lot of Dragon and other manufacturers who are better in terms of accuracy and tooling. These Italeri kits in particular are tie-ins to the World of Tanks game and are more a cross-marketing gimmick to try and get WoT fans into modeling. News flash: a lot of them already are and also buy newer kits. Anyway, saying that I do have a couple of Italeri kits, but only because they are the only game in town for certain items, like the 1/35 German Schnellboot. I mean, if you seriously had to choose between Italeri's Bergepanther or Takom's there is only one choice you can make that won't make you the subject of ridicule. I am also a little biased from having one of their awesome 'magical melting tire' kits that ate a sprue of an Opel Blitz.
  6. Yes; seems they were more into colorful flying things of a different sort.
  7. More partial to Monty Python and Black Adder myself. Speaking of Laurie, he is in some dreadful series called 'Avenue 5' that my wife and eldest daughter watched over the weekend.
  8. There is some evidence to suggest Abrams sold to other countries have been lost, but based on the circumstances that seems to be the fault of the crews and not due to deficiencies in the Abrams itself.
  9. While everything you said is true from the viewpoint of efficiency and reliability, you can't deny that the idea of the Tiger put panic in the hearts of the Allies, so much so that infantry were spooked by the idea of encountering one. What other tank has had that effect on its foes?
  10. From the clips I have seen, reviews by other long-term ST fans, and the dropping ratings after only a few episodes... ...it isn't.
  11. Was the kid using it to clean the windows of an apartment complex?
  12. Sorry, but out of respect for the real Star Trek I haven't watched Star Toilet Paper as it is set in the Star Trek: Dysentary timeline but I highly doubt the writers were inspired by anything of quality. Probably a coincidence.
  13. Now, if we could only get that space between 'location' and our locations.
  14. It displays where you are under your avatar if you include it in your profile. If everyone filled out their profile page it shouldn't be an issue, right?
  15. Isn't just about everything in China?
  16. Aliexpress? CHINA. It is basically an online platform to allow various local businesses to ply their wares similar to Amazon.
  17. I used them to buy counterfeit Magic the Gathering cards (the real cards are in the hundreds of dollars now) and it worked out okay; shipping can be a little long. They seem to be popular with a lot of people, and I haven't yet heard any negatives like I am hearing about Wish these days. But ultimately it might depend on which particular vendor you pick out of all the repetitive listings.
  18. Well, apparently Takom and Rye Field are sanitary.
  19. The problem I have with that theory is that I can access several other Chinese sites. Why shut off Trumpeter but not the others if you're trying to stem the flow of information?
  20. Oh, and I believe the Chinese New Year might still be in effect, and many Chinese businesses close up for that holiday. Might be using the time to revamp the web site but I hope they don't ditch it in favor of being Facebook only as I am never signing up for that crap.
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