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  1. Dragon is very close mostly because they started doing more specific production runs of certain panzers, like Panzer IV's built from October to November of a year and crap like that, where there were really only a few changes from the neighboring production runs.
  2. I'll pass. I know people like Tamiya's 'shake and bake' construction for their armor but I am less than pleased that they make some detail concessions for this and they don't carry a broad range of variants within a type, specifically the German armor. That and the fact that there are actually very few German vehicles they make in 1/48 that I don't already own in 1/35 courtesy of Dragon, Bronco, Hobby Boss, Trumpeter, Amusing Hobbies, AFV Club, Takom, RFM, Meng, ICM, and Zvezda. Seriously, do they have 220+ German WWII kits in 1/48?
  3. I don't build 1/48 so I'm not that familiar with Tamiya's catalog in that scale, but I would vote for any Japanese plane not already available in 1/32.
  4. If you search around you can find better grade BB's. At any rate, I go through my Tamiya fairly fast as I build a lot of German armor and am turning those grays, browns, greens, and yellows over every couple of months.
  5. I put one in the dropper-type bottles and two in larger bottles and jars.
  6. Phil - Are BB/pellet guns legal in the UK? I ask because I see you bought some of the paint mixing balls. Here in the U.S. I bought a container of 1000 for about the same price you paid for those, so I had enough for every jar of paint I own and more for the future. And a few extra to shoot at garden pests.
  7. Personally, I think that Bellis is a major douche. Most all of his comments are condescending and/or dismissive of other people.
  8. Well, maybe if Trumpeter notice people want to see more He 111's they might decide to pump out their own version and who knows?
  9. Well, you could always venture into the smaller scales if you want one. Only about 28 B1's got built so I doubt they'll kit one in the One True Scale.
  10. Well, for starters the nose is a completely different shape. The cockpit is separate from the bombardier's position; the canopies are not joined.
  11. Cars: air-cooled Volkswagens, especially the Type 2 (the bus to non-VW people) Aircraft: Almost anything used by any combative nation during WWII for military purposes. Armor: All German WWII. Maybe when I've built one of everything I will expand. Sci-Fi: Star Trek, Star Wars, Space: 1999, other classic ships Ships: Don't really do ships although I have a German u-boat and torpedo boat, both in 1/35. Not much else at the moment. EDIT: Didn't really explain my reasons. I have only owned VWs. I like WWII aircraft as in many ways they set the stage for the new era of aviation. German armor as I have a crazy idea to replicate Doyle and Jentz's Encyclopedia of German Armor in physical form. Sci-Fi because I like classic Sci-Fi and Star Trek was my go-to show as a kid. Ships I just haven't been as into because I really feel 1/350 and larger is the way to go and price/room requirements put me off. Plus too much PE.
  12. I built a few models that I ended up selling later when I switched scales. That was fine as I had originally built them for me. However, the guy I sold them to found a kit in the same series and asked me to build it to match. He also asked me to make it more accurate (It was an old Bandai Hummel kit that came with parts for battery operation and thus had some compromises). Since I generally build OOB for myself the prospect of cutting and modifying a kit for someone else became not fun but a chore, especially as I now had the pressure of not screwing up another person's hard-earned money (That Hummel kit is not cheap). If they simply want you to build and paint a kit for them because they cannot for whatever reason, then fine. I would charge for cost of materials and for time spent. If they want you to make an exact duplicate of their granddad's old mount, I'd say no.
  13. As ICM have a Gloster Gladiator, how unlikely is it they might take on a Lysander to add to their growing line of early WWII planes?
  14. I was under the impression none of us here were real modelers and didn't know the first thing about building anything since this site isn't devoted to 1:1.
  15. All of my aircraft are 1/32. All of my armor, armored railcars, and sea vessels are 1/35. All of my Star Trek is 1/350 or 1/3700. All of my Star Wars is 1/72. All of my automobiles are 1/24. I do not expand outside those boundaries.
  16. I wish I had a picture, but it was way before the digital age when the situation I am about to describe was a thing and I have only this tale to tell: West of Gainesville, FL, are a number of springs and limestone caverns that were/are popular with the locals and students attending the University of Florida (This is how I came had my experience). The vast majority are closed to public access now (Hmm, I wonder why that had to happen?) and it was dark on my particular journey plus being over 30 years ago I can not retrace my steps to get a photo. You'll have to take my word for it. However, the point. There was a particular set of caves at the bottom of a fairly narrow sinkhole (the bottom dropped out and drained it before it could open up any further, making it a fairly steep subsidence area and not a house-swallower). At some point in the past (The past as I knew it in the 1980's) a school bus had been pushed over the lip and down into the sinkhole, thus blocking access around the bus as the hole narrowed. Yes, of course! you knew it was coming! The emergency door at the rear was now the door to the caverns below, and the seats were a ladder system to get to the bottom. Once down, all sorts of hilarious antics ensued! My favorite was 'guy realizing he has a previously unknown fear of intense darkness, freaks out and stands up suddenly, thus hitting head on low cave ceiling and knocking himself out for several minutes". Looking up at those seats hanging above us and contemplating hauling his dumb ass back to the surface... well, let's just say don't suddenly turn off all the light sources 60 feet underground out somewhere between Basyoun and Faiyum, Egypt, without knowing your audience. I mention this as a way to tell a tangential story and also point out that you might think the bottom of the mountain is where that particular thread should naturally end, but you'd be wrong. It will go as far down as they can gain access. Only a force harder will stop it (i.e., the admins) just as the bus was stopped by a sandstone intrusion under the sinkhole opening. fin
  17. Make sure you don't get the plague while in California.
  18. At my current build rate I'll have my stash of 265 unbuilt kits done by 2041.
  19. I know. But just how cool would THIS be in 1/32? All those 1/35 German figures in every set that are pointing somewhere could easily be modified to hold one.
  20. Don't forget to say it in a tone that suggests that if you do buy one you are inferior and an idiot.
  21. The Mustang is 1/72. This A-26 does look as though it would be about 26 inches in wing span compared to the P-51D's 6 inches, which would be the appropriate size for the scales we're talking about here. And, the sign is using their standard SKU for 1/32 kits. It is good practice to have at least three pieces of evidence but the two seen here are highly suggestive.
  22. Fedex hit the "3 strikes you're out!" with me years ago. After they left a package out in the middle of my lawn I decided they weren't fit to deliver turds from my ass to the toilet I sat upon. UPS just likes to rip holes in my packages.
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