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  1. I was watching the RiffTrax version of Rise of Skywalker, and even with the joke track added in I still fell asleep around the middle of the damn thing.
  2. I am thinking, in light of many other recent deaths of celebs in their 80s, that we in the U.S. at least will start seeing an increase of this in a few years as the beginning waves of Baby Boomers hit the end of their life expectancy.
  3. https://www.aa.com.tr/en/latest-on-coronavirus-outbreak/russia-claims-it-produces-drug-to-treat-covid-19-/1783292 They make it in their bot factories, so you know, can't do that..
  4. So I found this, which seems to corroborate the French findings and some efforts by the Chinese. If I get sick I am willing to try it over waiting for Big Pharma to find a timely answer. We really don't have the time to wait for all the trials to determine the safety of the treatment considering all else that is going on. https://www.foxnews.com/media/dr-stephen-smith-on-effectiveness-of-hydroxychloroquine-with-coronavirus-symptoms-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-pandemic Only if I am dying, of course. Not going to drink it if I'm relatively symptom free.
  5. I would like the media to acknowledge New Jersey's Dr. Stephen Smith at St. Barnabas Hospital about the successful (so far) treatment of his patients with hydroxychloroquine. He claims he has not had to intubate any of them, which goes a long way to keeping you alive since you're still breathing on your own.
  6. Sounds like a business opportunity the Vegans should take up instead of forcing others to their will, but honestly who would go to Non-Dairy Queen?
  7. I just ordered 500 million kits to start my own pandemic at home!
  8. Still too much blame-gaming and sensationalism from the media to get a coherent story about what is going on in reality. The current pieces of the puzzle are not adding up for me, and the reactions to this by some major players has me thinking some truly evil people are taking advantage to consolidate power.
  9. I heard the new soft resin tires were supposed to sag a little under the kit's weight to give a more realistic effect than traditional resin, but is a kit sufficiently heavy for that?
  10. I guess we need the internal dimensions of the kit's cowlings and the dimensions of that resin piece to determine that. Someone has mentioned the cowlings look a bit undersized (to accommodate the smaller engine, I guess).
  11. Not sure why people bring up Hobby Boss using vinyl tires when Tamiya's Zero, Corsair, and Mustang have them (don't have the Spitfire but I assume they're the same). That part should be a non-issue considering the mediocre state of kit armor tracks and aircraft wheels in general.
  12. Was it used in the A-26? I see it listed for the A-20, so that would lend some weight to the theory the kit started out as an A-20 but someone decided to shift gears midway through.
  13. Maybe if Hobby Boss included a Starbucks cup to set on the radio operator's station it would surpass Hollywood.
  14. Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow is a good choice.
  15. Yeah, that's the son of the 1934 heavyweight boxing champ.
  16. I have it from a first-hand source that cat meat is stringy, tough, and very gamey.
  17. Flu viruses don't like heat; the Southern Hemisphere will handle this better than the Northern. Also, the virus started hitting the U.S. after February, which was the peak flu month. China has big issues with social distancing--people get too close and they spit everywhere. Italy has a culture that keeps generations of families living together and public displays of affection such as kissing relatives on the lips. These are habits that have made things worse for some countries. More than half of Italy's deaths have been people with three or more pre-existing breathing impairments; less than 1% have had no impairment when they contracted coronavirus. Declines are started to be reported for areas that have really held to social distancing. We will beat this. There will be some loss but we will beat this.
  18. I have the Academy as well. Right after I got it is when Dragon released their 'new parts' kits and Tamiya released their new tool. Unlike Tamiya, Academy has the early and late versions.
  19. No, that should be the Trumpeter kit (if it's 1/35). As far as I know Italeri does not make an E-25.
  20. Any of the Tamiya will be easiest. Some of those will be 70s vintage (Pz II) and a few are more recent (Elephant).
  21. Atlanta's IPMS show is cancelled for tomorrow (3/21) as is ToyLanta, the big toy/memorabilia show. I had been looking forward to those, as was my wife actually. She's been trapped with two teenagers all week as well as creating video lessons for her actual students while I myself have still had to go in to work all week, so this would have been a great way to get out and have a little fun for a change. Also probably going to be missing some upcoming concerts as well, which definitely has me less than chuffed.
  22. I remember years ago watching the X-Files spin-off, 'The Lone Gunmen'. The pilot episode was about a rogue government group remote-piloting a jetliner into the Twin Towers with an idea to pin it on another group. I thought to myself that seemed like a pretty dumb thing to do. Six months later I watched a plane do that exact thing into the side of Tower 2 while I stood on the street below. So, yeah, some people will do some things.
  23. Since you're just musing, throw this in the mix: http://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/about
  24. Well, yeah, the Tamiya kit is more user-friendly, definitely. Good job on by-passing the rubber band tracks as that will add a lot to the end result.
  25. Unfortunately, the media is still flouting click-bait titles to freak people out. But that's the only way they get readers these days.
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