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  1. Not sure how a flu virus can affect a web site. Anyway, their Facebook page is still up.
  2. It's not showing up on a Google search. Normally a site gives back some kind of error if it's unreachable for whatever reason but this is like it has vanished.
  3. Kirk, Orson, and now Robert. They always seem to go in threes.
  4. I personally have no patience for superstitious idiots, and would have ignored her. But the door-banging admittedly would make that hard.
  5. What is so different about the Loctite 401 as opposed to other superglues? That price is mentally aberrant.
  6. I have engaged with Pamela Anderson, Gary Sinise, Robert Jordan, Ray Bradbury, Michael J. Fox, Gilbert Godfrey, Stephen Ambrose, Salman Rushdie, Kenny Rogers, Neil Gaiman, George Plimpton, Eric Clapton (sitting behind him watching 'Deep Impact'), Robert Adams, Piers Anthony, numerous band members... I just approach them; as celebrities this is what happens and they can suck it up. The only bad thing that ever happened was Henry Rollins throwing a pen at me when I asked him to sign a book he wrote.
  7. Thanks. I guess I'll give it a go. Looking at my buying history I bought from the vendor a couple years ago and left an 'A+' and he is in the U.S. so I don't have to deal with China shipping/dealing with issues long distance. You know...the way we argue about why they don't make this or that kit could be applied to decal aftermarket and why they don't do this scheme or that. There seems to be material about SG4 to fill two sets at least and the Mediterranean scheme is a nice change from all the splinter.
  8. Hey, gang. I am working on Revell's Fw 190 F-8 and want to do one of the SG4 planes in Italy/North Africa but am having trouble finding the marking of Mickey Mouse riding the bomb with axe in hand. Also need to know if that marking would be on one or both sides. Searching ebay I found an Eaglecals set but the seller says they are 'vintage' which makes me fear they might be risky. Anybody happen to have an extra lying around from another kit? I checked all my other Germans but they are mostly Eastern and Western Front markings. Thanks.
  9. That must have crushed everything in your lap. You going to be able to ride now?
  10. Not getting the 'shiny' part, though. Do you shave and then treat your bottom to fine skin lotions to keep it baby-fresh or summat? It just don't sound right...
  11. Dale, I just sent a PM. Thank you very much. Maru, glad to know it got there safe. There was some confusion at the P.O. as the clerk had not done an overseas shipment in a while. She asked me, and this is no lie, if England was a communist country. I have to stop writing now because I am laughing again.
  12. Actually, widows and recluses seldom bite people. In fact most spiders only bite is strongly provoked. The U.S. averages around 2000 widow bites a year with maybe a dozen being any kind of serious. But no fatalities. Like school shootings, widow bites are grossly exaggerated and the reasons for the ones that DO happen are mischaracterized. I've even kept some as pets.
  13. On one hand Star Wars is not good and 1917 has gotten good reviews. On the other hand the voucher precludes you spending your own good money if you really feel you must see Star Wars.
  14. Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, then rise early and have a nice breakfast and arrive at your booking relaxed and ready to go. Or continue doing whatever it is you might have started during the three hours it was before I saw your post. I don't want to interrupt you if you're on a roll. Which I may have just done. Oh well, nothing for it but to knock off early and go to bed.
  15. No; another part of my neighbor's collection.
  16. Good; you can use it to help this tank mop up the resistance. The Pacific is kind of far from France, though, isn't it?
  17. No. Funny thing is I got my MA in Special Ed a year ago and I did my student teaching at the same high school I already worked as a teacher assistant. While catching a ride home with my supervising teacher whose class I took over as my assignment, we got to discussing old jobs. She told me she helped her dad with his business selling action figures online and a trade shows. I asked her what type of figures and she said, "They were big soldiers from some company called Dragon." She put herself through college selling 1/6 scale military toys. Her dad is still active at shows but the basement of his house is full of that stuff. He had a workshop where I saw a Sd.Kfz 231 being built. He has a 1/6 Stuka hanging in his office. It is amazing.
  18. No, you have to be about this big to ride that ride:
  19. It's not even that pricey a kit compared to many, although you have the added fees I don't get in the U.S. Even though...do it. I have the TOS Enterprise, and even though the D-7 is the Motion Picture version I am getting it and the light kit. If they could be convinced to do the TOS Romulan Warbird that would be awesome.
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