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  1. I worked on two kits most of the day.
  2. What I often find on the other site is that when people do build armor, they act like it is the most daunting challenge in the world and they are so stunning and brave for attempting it.
  3. I guess it would depend on how well it adheres to plastic and whether or not you can thin it down enough to spray good and provide coverage without drowning detail. I know people use those cheap craft acrylics you buy for kids projects with no problems.
  4. Hoping to have these two finished by next weekend. I knew about the Stuka's issues going in and felt my OOB/just build for fun attitude would see me through, but the kit almost got punched a couple of times.
  5. I've seen the one at the Udvar-Hazy Center outside Washington, DC. It is ugly.
  6. Still working, and when I get home I still have all my chores to do because my wife and kids aren't able to do some of them during the day. This whole thing has been no different from any other day except many of the places I normally go are closed and some people wear masks.
  7. 1. The estimate is 70-88, varying by sources used and if you count the prototypes and the last few built after VE day. 2. The first Jagdtiger I built was the Porsche variant. That was the Dragon kit from 1995. No zimmerit on their kits yet so I built mine as chassis 305012, which was the only Porsche without it as the Germans terminated application of that crap with 305011. The Henschels had none applied. Dragon later released a zimmerit version that had Magic Tracks but since Takom and Meng started pumping out big cats I decided to wait to update for a contemporary kit. The fact the Takom is cheaper than the Dragon is a huge plus. 3. Yes, all but the last Porsche and none of the Henschels. Bonus fact 4. The last Porsche was left overall Dunkelgelb, which made it easy to come up with a camo scheme when I finished assembly.
  8. With the pre-order at 40 Euros, anybody have a guess as to the regular price? Just wondering if I should get one now or just wait if the difference is small.
  9. Your clone army is ready for delivery, Emperor.
  10. I did not dispute anything you said. Look who I was quoting. I was stating that Greg couldn't sell an Infinity kit months before it was released. Serious lack of reading comprehension.
  11. I know this might sound weird, but having grown up in Pensacola from 1964-1987 I actually got bored of seeing the Angels all the time when they would practice. My grandmother's house was on the opposite side of Bayou Grande from PNAS in Warrington. Ten minute ride to the front gate. I do miss the Lexington, though.
  12. I know that, and quite some time before you did apparently. Greg has been selling Hph for many years (I bought an Me 410 from him) but even he is unable to sell a kit several months ago that has just now hit the sellers. At any rate, Infinity isn't exactly Hph; Hph is the parent company of Infinity. Hph still maintains its resin studio for its custom models used in museums and advertising that don't need to be mass produced. Infinity is the smart move (with the help of Fly, I believe) to make the higher demand kits easier to mass produce and generate more revenue.
  13. You might find that time consuming, but let me tell you how lucky you are Takom provides a track guide for assembly. My Dragon build did not include a guide nor Magic Tracks; not even DS. It was the old school 'every single piece needs clipping and cleaning' kind.
  14. He's not the only one, though. If you watch our media a lot of politicians and news people have not been wearing masks. This is one of the things prompting the foil hats to believe we are being lied to about the characteristics of this disease. Add to that the fact Bill Gates has his name on a patent to research a coronavirus vaccine dating back a few years and you have many people doubting the narrative.
  15. My mother-in-law made us masks from cloth roughly equivalent to a quality tee shirt, doubled over in mask form. Can be a bit of a PITA to wear and I think my wife would pass out wearing hers. I can smell things through them, as my students all pass gas without shame. We are 12 people in a 20x18 room, 10 of whom are teenage delinquents with sexual and/or behavioral disorders. Social distancing is ridiculously hard to enforce with kids having boundary issues under normal circumstances. We did have four kids elsewhere in the facility with strep, but that was brought in on a vape they stole from the younger staff and shared. Joke was on them, but after panicking 11 staff by not telling anyone what was going on the nurses finally determined it was not Covid-19 but indeed strep. But yeah, I'm not thinking the masks do much except keep stray bits of spit coming out of other people's mouths and/or into your own mouth and eyes. I know my wife is bad about spitting while talking as she has an aggressive-speaking Italian-Scottish background where loudest ruled the conversation. The kids and I give her crap about that but she is definitely a public danger without a mask. I don't think this virus travels that well through the air and while I would not airbrush in my mask I feel safe enough out in public with it, and to be honest I really only wear mine at work since the kids are right up in my face all the time. At stores I maintain my distance at all times, and actually hold my breath as I pass people from time to time.
  16. I'm tired of most current PC shooter games requiring you to empty 2-3 mags from an AR into your opponent to bring them down. Even for head shots.
  17. Every place is cleaned out. There are enough farms in my area that those guys hit those places up first before us suburbanites think of it.
  18. Running out of isopropyl alcohol for my Tamiya paints. Thanks, Covid-19.
  19. What if I told you these kits would include not the Nazi swastika, but the Buddhist sauwastika in reverse-image? Would you buy them then, HubertB you are? I can throw in some eggs and ham, any color you like.
  20. Okay, so I work as a teacher in a residential treatment facility that treats juveniles brought in for various legal charges, and as such my work has claimed me as an essential worker so the clients can receive schooling while in treatment. We can't do this from home like a regular school, obviously. Everything has been cool since this all started. Today, we in the education staff found out that the facility director snuck four sick kids out to the gym and only told a couple other people who he needed to move the kids. The head nurse was not told; she found out later from someone else. No email was sent to staff to alert us to the situation. We were sending kids to play in the gym and found out because entry was denied. This really pissed a lot of people off, as I discovered when I stepped out of my wing into the parking lot. The other teacher and both TA's said they weren't coming in tomorrow. Some of the other unit staff said they likely were staying home. I am suffering from sinusitis so not looking to pour some flu syrup on that, plus my wife and youngest kid have asthma. My wife is at about 60% lung capacity so I can't put her at risk. The Asst Principal texted all of us to make sure we put any absences in as a sick day if we wanted to be paid right before I walked out and now I know why. He expected it. He got called unprofessional by the director for emailing him that many of the staff were upset about the handling of the 'quarantine' clients. Man has no self-awareness. I think he might be more bent than our clients. Anyway, I called out citing my concerns and hoped they could get a test administered to identify this illness. Curious to see how it pans out as they will need people to watch the kids so they don't go all Attica on them.
  21. I would buy a 177 if they made it, although it has to be the least likely of the bunch to get made. The 17Z is the airframe people have been crying out for in 1/32 for years. It's the logical choice. As long as they can get the interior close to the existing photo evidence and common sense I will be happy and also never know otherwise. If the exterior is close as can be to perfect at that scale then I can forgive the rest. It will likely hang above my head anyway.
  22. I am late to the Lancaster game, and hope some will still be available around Christmas for a reasonable price; that's my big purchase for the year. In the meantime, I just got the short-nose Ki-45 for my birthday as well as Polar Lights 1/350 Klingon battlecruiser. My wants for the current year are mostly military-related non-armor such as the 16-ton Strabokran and the SdKfz 7/3 Feuerleitpanzer to go with my V-2 rocket and trailer.
  23. My wife likes Maker's Mark. She's a quarter Scot.
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