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  1. oh boy, i`m will follow very close this fantastic build! !! I must get one Salmson for me!!
  2. Very neat stash!!! Love to see the Hind and the Scrathbuilders Avenger in my stash!!
  3. Great schme with an awesome weathering... very good work on the white color!!
  4. I just love the wood!! Very good!
  5. not my "war", but a really nice and neat model with great details!
  6. My new year resolution is to finish 7 models kits... I never build more than 7... And most of then are already started: 1 - Gotha - WnW 2 - Tortoise - Meng 3 - E.III - WnW 4 - Pup - WnW 5 -Typhoon - Hasegawa 1:48 6 - 7- The others blank option is for or new release or from the stash....
  7. I want!! Great review!! I fact it`s stand out in a model... they really look like a 3-D printed....
  8. Found these under the X-mas tree!!! Meanwhile also get WnW PUP RFC!!! Watch this space!
  9. Awesome review with great photos... a must get one of these Taurus Engines for my E.III....
  10. OMG!! great detail and great work!! Congrats!! Love it!
  11. great looking interior!! Now star the best part: washes and dirt to give a look of a used interior!!
  12. Lovely work... JusT love the 109s,
  13. Happy new year!!! Cheers Francisco
  14. Beautiful stash!! Nice selection!
  15. Fantastic work Jeroen! Not my favourite scheme but a great paint job and weathering!
  16. great start! I`m with Jim... you`re beyond help!!! Great looking prop!
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