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  1. Great news from Takom.... Must have it!!! http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/takom.html
  2. Fran

    WNW HOT NEWS! :)

    Hi Guys!! I got news, great news and a world premiere. Directly from WnW HQ, I received from Richard Alexander an email with a beautiful box art of the Salmson 2-A2/Otsu(32038), that is expected to be released in the middle of December 2013. (he only bad news is for European fans, that can`t have it for Xmas). I believe this is the first time that we, fans, see a box art before the kit release! J All here in WNWF!! J I also got some others information/news that I would like to share with all of you. The resin figures and the special editions will come out eventually, but WnW doesn`t have a timeframe for these. The 32002 LVG C.VI and 32010 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 will not be re-released and will not be sold again. Anyaway in the future WNW will release special edition versions of them which will contain resin figures, at less 10 decal schemes and 200-300 photo-etch detail parts. The 32034 AEG G.IV will be released when WNW are completely happy with it and they don`t know say exactly when this will be. I also asked Richard if WNW had plans to release a Fokker E.I late type and they say that, at this time do not have plans to release a late version of the Fokker E.1, the difference being the length of the wings and the aluminium side panels on the side of the fuselage, and the colour schemes. And that`s all for now. Cheers Francisco
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    WnW Stash

    Here is my WnW Stash... A very little one comparing with the others 200....
  4. Getting the idea of PH-GEO, let`s put in this topic all the planes or subjects that we love to see in WnW kit!! For me: The HP 0/400 Fokker Dr 1 Felixstowe F.2A AEG G.IV (It`s COMINGGGG) Blackburn R.T.1 Kangaroo and the big bang, the holy grail:: Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI
  5. 1:32 True Details McCudden SE5a Conversion Set - TD32507 $14.99 – available on-line on Squadron.com This small set is to convert the Wingnut Wings SE 5a 'Hisso' kit (32003) to British ace James McCudden's B 4863. Some History about this Gentleman: James McCudden was one of the most successful fighter aces of World War One. McCudden is credited with being seventh on the list of all fighter pilots in terms of the number of ‘kills’ he made. As with so many of the fighter aces of World War One, McCudden died young. By the time of his death he was also a very highly decorated pilot. James McCudden was born on March 28th 1895 into a military family. His father had served as a sergeant major in the British Army and it was not a surprise when McCudden joined the Royal Engineers in 1910. In 1913, trained as a mechanic, he transferred to the newly formed Royal Flying Corps. In August 1914 at the start of the war he went to France. Here he was allowed to fly as an observer. The RFC had a more passive role at the start of World War One with reconnaissance and intelligence gathering being its primary task. In January 1916, McCudden returned to England to learn how to fly and he was awarded his wings in April 1916. He returned to France as a sergeant and in September 1916 made his first ‘kill’. Such was his reputation that McCudden was awarded a commission in 1917 as well as being awarded a Military Medal (for his work as a non-commissioned rank) and a Military Cross (as an officer) in the same year. McCudden gained a reputation for being a highly skilled pilot who put a great deal of thought into his tactics. He was also well respected by younger and less experienced pilots, as he was known to protect the young men under his command while in flight and combat. His success against the Germans and his overall leadership qualities were recognised when he was awarded the Victoria Cross in April 1918. His citation for the Victoria Cross reads: For most conspicuous bravery, exceptional perseverance, and a very high devotion to duty. Captain McCudden has at the present time accounted for 54 enemy aeroplanes. Of these, 42 have been destroyed, 19 of them on our side of the lines. Only 12 out of the 54 have been driven down out of control. On two occasions, he had totally destroyed 4 two-seater enemy aeroplanes on the same day, and on the last occasion all 4 machines were destroyed in the space of one hour and thirty minutes. While in his present squadron, he has participated in 78 offensive patrols, and in nearly every case has been the leader. On at least 30 occasions, whilst with the same squadron, he has crossed the lines alone, either in pursuit or in quest of enemy aeroplanes. The following incidents are examples of the work he has done recently: on 23 December 1917, when leading his patrol, 8 enemy aeroplanes were attacked between 1430/1550 and of these 2 were shot down by Captain McCudden in our lines; on the morning of the same day, he left the ground at 1050 and encountered 4 enemy aeroplanes and of these he shot 2 down; on 30 January 1918, he, single-handed, attacked 5 enemy scouts, as a result of which 2 were destroyed. On this occasion, he only returned home when the enemy scouts had been driven far east; his Lewis gun ammunition was all finished and the belt of his Vickers gun had broken. As a patrol leader he has at all times shown the utmost gallantry and skill, not only in the manner in which he has attacked and destroyed the enemy, but in the way he has, during several aerial fights, protected the newer members of his flight, thus keeping down their casualties to a minimum. This officer is considered, by the record he has made, by his fearlessness, and by the great service which he has rendered to his country, deserving of the very highest honour. McCudden died in a flying accident and not in combat. On July 9th 1918, his aeroplane suffered engine failure after taking off and he was killed in the accident. Major James McCudden was credited with 57 in World War One. His final tally of medals also included a Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and a bar to his Military Cross. Combined with his VC and MM, McCudden was one of the most decorated combatants of World War One. (courtesy of http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/james_mccudden.htm) Returning for our detail set, it includes replacement fuselage decking, short exhaust stacks, standing McCudden figure (in a total of 11 resin parts) and aircraft specific decals. As the theme of this conversion is Captain James Byford McCudden, it is quite appropriate that Squadron have included a resin figure of the man himself. It is also in 1:32 scale and was sculptured by Bill Chilstrom. This figure it`s just a re-release of the figure that was in the SE.5 of Encore Kit No. EC32002 (RAF S.E.5a “McCudden”) Fuselage decking and exhaust stacks represents the real conversion set and it`s only 3 parts. However they are quite nice with a good cast quality and exquisite detail. The fuselage decking has the same size and detail than the kit part D9, so the conversion is simple as it is. There is no interior bracing detail as the WNW kit, but it is rather unnoticed once buttoned up, or it could be simulated with paint or plastic strips for those real want to. The same with exhaust no representing any difficulty. The other 8 parts are to the standing McCudden figure. The casting is quite good, with attention to detail. I personally like very much the look on the face… I believe it´s very well achieve as you can see by the photo of McCudden himself. The small decal sheet comes courtesy of AeroMaster and these are printed by Cartograf of Italy. The registration was very good with the minimal carrier film being kept as thin as possible. The instructions are a single one-side A4 sheet with the assembly instructions (nothing more the replacements parts) marking guide and painting guide of McCudden. In conclusion, it`s a very simple and effective conversion, with a nice figure of McCudden to put along with the Hisso at a nice price. Detail set courtesy of my wallet. Highly recommended to all fans of McCudden or simply who wants a different and famous Hisso. (You can buy it directly here.) Cheers Francisco
  6. It's official: your building schedule is now broken!!!! Waiting for the pics!!
  7. I must say that is the best review i ever see on this beautifull aircraft.
  8. A must get this one! Love the looking of Hannover!
  9. Love the FT....now Meng ou Takom"????? Maybe both....
  10. Ssasho0 it not will reprint. However is possible to order a print of the book, but it's more expensive. Cheers
  11. Nice scheme and inspiration!!! Looking forward to see! Cheers
  12. Some time I made a review of the WnW Guide form AFV Modeller, and as been post on facebook. So I decided to post the review again in WnWFans in LSM, even knoing that`s an oop book. " Review of the book of the year to all WnW fans – The “Air Modeller`s Guide to Wingnut Wings – Volume I.” Later this week I found at my door step a package (a very well protected one) of AFVModeller and I thought: YESSS!My precious! J!. Next thing I noticed, I was on the couch in a non stop reading. The first impression I had is that this is a really a true and honest enthusiast for WNW kits and that is a very good start to make an awesome book with marvelous models. The book is high grade quality paper with a satin sheen finish and in the front page a lovely Goth and two fantastic figures. The book was 112 pages and 7 (yes seven) builts of WnW Kits for outstandings modellers. All the text that envolved all the articles it`s a simple and a comprehensible one. The book starts with the magnificent Hansa Brandenbrug by David Zamarbide Saurez, an WnW Fan of our page. And what a start!! One of the most enthusiast model release from WnW, (the first to sold out) treated very weel on the hands of David, with a stunnig building, with beautifull pictures from all stages of construction with special incidence photos on cockpit assembly and wood painting, engine and wings. David get hook in WnW with the Hansa that it`s was it first WnW and what a start! J The second in line is the SE5 RAF by Richard Camoin with awesome scheme. The first Biplane in the book that Richard descrived in all 12 pages with simple text, explanations (and indication of waht aftermarktes used) and a beautifull scheme. One important point on the build is the step by step painting and colours used by Richard to achieved an outstanding colour with all it`s ligths and shadows. Also have a little guide how to apply RB flat rigging specially on the tail. The rigging on the particular plane it`s quite important, however with a special article of rigging, was unecessary an extend article of the rigging of this plane because, by the end, the techniques are basically the same. The third in line is, one of my WNW favorites, Roland D.IVa by Emmanuel Pernes. Emmanuel was a modeller like myself, with no big interest in WWI airplane until the apperance of WNW. But he did quite a job on the Roland. Has the Hansa and the SE5, there is a lot of pictures of all stages of the construction with special look of the paiting wood with beautifull and easy techniques to paint the fuselage in natural and convincing wood. One thing I quite enjoy on Emmanuel´s article is the subtle weathering on the Roland and the clear pictures to obtain that result. The final result is a outstanding model from a great modeler… Unbelieve is the it was Emmanuel first biplane ever!! J The 4th article is the Re8 “Harry Tate” by Jose Maria Martinez Fernandez and let me tell you guys, as soon as I turn the page and look to José Maria Fernandez`s Harry Tate, I became static. What the hell is that??? an full open Re8 “Harry Tate”?? OMG… Phenomenal. Breath-taking. A truly masterpiece. José Maria start by giving us the concept (idea and planning) and all the steps that he used to get the open Re8. Following by lots of pictures of the cockpit, with all that wood and rigging… José Maria makes a trully step-by-step picture in his article with the exception of the rigging. That`s quite understandable knowing the amount of rigging to be done in the Re8. However Everything is explain by text and some close-up pictures. This Re8 is a masterwork. Then, a beautifull Albatros D.Va by our very own WNW fan, David Parker. Another Masterwork!! The book is full of masterpices!! Albatros is such a beautifull plane, with glorious lines and one of my favorites of all times. David did a really nice Job on this one and the pictures shows the all cockpit (marvellous) and the painting sheme. The next thing on David`s article is the plywood fuselage. Just love the wood that he achieved the wood grain effect so naturally… and with a hand paint… J The striking sheme with a trick paint scheme applied to the front half of the fuselage and cowls add that awesome appearance to the completed model and all the steps are in pictures. The next build is the Spowith Pup by John Korellis, a modeler that has been converted to a WnW fan. J The pup is a beautifull little plane and John just done a very well done model. The article have very nice and usefull tips and awesome pictures in particullary on the cockpit and the awesome engine. John also shows another method to achieved and capture wood and canvas appearence. Turning the page, the last but not the least, the mighty Gotha G.IV by, once again, David Parker, the model of the cover. The Gotha is my favorite WnW kit and the most easily recognisable of all the WNW kits to date. The article is over 22 pages with deep explanation of cockpit build and colour in pictures and small but explicit text. The colour scheme is a very striking one with no aftermarter decals available. So David simply painted with incredible lozenge pattern using homemade masks.… and what a work. In all the article, David guides us (the readers and modelers) to everystep of the construction, tips and paiting. A trully inspiration. Hints and Tips 'Rigging' and wood grain. These two sections of hints adn tips are most welcome, but in fact, in the articles, the modelers used differents approachs on the rigging ando n the wood grain. Even thought, these articles with hints and tips are a great help putting all tips and techniques in one single spot. Hints and Tips 'After Market Suppliers' This section is a quite usefull and good one but no really new information is given to the serious WnW fans! J Anyway, it`s a logical finnish to this wonderfull book. Conclusion: A most have to all WWI aviation modeller and of course, to all WnW fans. Also I do think that all aviation modellers will find a great interesse in this book, because I do believe that this book is an impressive book that should be in every modeller because has outstanding models with superb reference and inspiration. It`s a awesome value for your money. Do yourself a favor and buy one!!! This is the Vol I… I `m eager to put my hands on Vol. II. Very highly recommend. My sincere thanks to AFV Publications and David Parker for this review sample and for the trust given." And here it is to all at LSM. Thanks and Cheers!
  13. And a great prize also for this Eindecker GB!!!
  14. Hi Grant!! For now, i really don`t have prizes to offer. I heve lot to offer in the facebok competition, but for this GB I thinking about... ans start to find sponsor... Here in Portugal all the GB the forum only offer a digital medel loool!!! I`m not accustom to..
  15. Hi. My Eindecker project to build in the first WNWF GB: The "Hulk" Eindecker (hahhahah - it`s green I`ll start by mid-November. Cheers. Francisco
  16. Hi guys. Here are the rules of the GB that stars at November 1 st. (I copy part of then for the GB WWI -thanks Martin -) . Most be a Fokker Eindecker (E.I, II, III or IV) from WnW. Dioramas, figures and related World War I items are also permissible but only in conjunction with an Eindecker. The competition will begin at 12.01am on the 1th November 2013 and shall close at 11:59 on 30th April 2014. Any media can be used along with any after market additions. Scratch building is also permitted or you can simply build OOB. A works in progress thread must be opened for each separate entry. The model must be UNSTARTED. All members, including staff are eligible to participate. The models will be evaluate by Grant Lovett, who decide the winner of this GB, sole judge whose decisions shall be considered final. The prize for the winner is given by Arrow-Wolf, a 25% voucher for shopping in Arrow-Wolf. Please remember the good nature and intent of the forum, its members and staff at all times. If there is anything you are unsure of please inform one of the staff immediately so that it can be dealt with promptly. Have fun, and build up your Eindeckers. Thank you,
  17. Welcome!!! Very Nice start!!! Do you already contact me to get your free sheet? if so, Aviattic already has the information to send to you the sheet. Best
  18. OMG!!!!!!! That's a kick off!!! Jeroen Thanks for sharing in WnW Fans LSM. I must say that all the photos i saw (yes there's more...) this is the best Fe2 in the internet! Cheers
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