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  1. Great!!!! Lovely scheme.... right Jim??. Hahaha Seriously looking forward for this one, and all the aftermarkets!
  2. Hi Sasho! Send a PM to Grant!
  3. Breaking news!!!! HGW just join the Eindecker Challenge!!! HGW will give a set of seatbelts for the specific type of Eindecker too, for builder. Logo is on the way!! Thnaks so much to HGW for the support and Grant (Arrow-Wolf) for all the hard work! Cheers. Francisco
  4. Love reading it!! Great review once again!!! You are a great writer and modeler. You are getting better and better!! I just have this one!!
  5. woow!! Great work DAve in record time!! Nice challenge!
  6. Great review!!! The figures do have a great expression and pose... Steve Warrilow is a great sculpter, one of the best indeed!!!
  7. Nice work!!! Very nice!! Will follow! One thing I do not understand is the plastic color..Odd color that Takom choose.... I really don`t like it...
  8. You welcome Jonathan!! It`s a great little conversion!
  9. No idea!! Only if we ask David Parker....
  10. this is beyond modelling... this is art!!! Please do continue!!! I will sell all my kits and get drunk... I quite modelling!! :D Cheers Francisco
  11. Great review!! Lovely engine, a most welcome addition to the Eduard 109!
  12. Awesome tutorial!!!!!! I will follow it!!! Bertl in the turnbluke glue to the wing, the eye is glue directly to the hole? Cheers
  13. Great Great Review!!! I never tire of seeing the quality of these decals!
  14. Jonathan thanks so much for kind words!
  15. Great Build! Love the solution with the foil... very realistic!
  16. Awesome DH.2!! Great Work Jim!! Love it!! I just love the DH2... and it`s missing in my collection..
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