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  1. Great tutorial Bertl!! Thanks so much for sharing! Francisco
  2. Please don`t take to long Jeroen!! Very very curious about this one!!
  3. Awesome!! WOW Bertl!!! Great Stuff!
  4. Fantastic tips!!!! thanks Bertl. Francisco
  5. Bertl your woks is an inspiration for me and as Martin said we are so lucky to have you here, on LSM forum. Thanks you so much for sharing your expertise!! Kindest Reguards Francisco
  6. Erik sorry but i can`t see the attachments. When I click on the attach to see, i got this: "You do not have permission to view this attachment." Regards Francisco
  7. Nice photo George!! THis kit it`s a must have for me!
  8. Just release by Miniart!! A totally diferent model... But is a great piece to model and to be the centre of a diorama!! Cheers Francisco
  9. This release it just asking to be put in a modern conflit with rebels, like Lybia.... oh boy boy!!
  10. Great to see the free sheet in good use!! Looking very good Sasho! Still have two months before the beginning of the WNW Fans facebook page contest
  11. Very good review! Straight to the point!! Still the last two picturais i have no permission to view...
  12. Bertl you should write a book with all the techniques.... Just Awesome... If you do, I will be the first in line to buy it! Cheers, Francisco
  13. I just love meng.. my wallet and credit card hate them!!
  14. Hi Guys!! This week I made a review of 5 figures from The Fusilier. I like them very much but I think that Steve Warrilow is a really great guy and need all the support. So, after talking with Steve, the Winner of the GB will also win a 1/12 German Pilot Bust, offer by The Fusilier (shipping on me). Cheers Francisco
  15. WOW!!! Great Job Jim... Very nice build. Love the details on the oil leaks! Ready for the "episodes"
  16. Was no intention for me to offend anyone.. The model is a simply episode of war, a war that all of us, modelers, know that we would not like to be there.... Still we model planes, tanks of all wars... Some completed some wrecks.... Planes and Tanks are killing machines... So this model kit just show a battle between tank and infantary... In war people die... I really don`believe that this model kit is a bad taste one but I respect diferents opinions... Once I saw a bad taste model: a shooting squad in action... that`s bad taste in my opinion... For horror, real horror, i can go to internet sites like the one above or just watch the news on the TV... Sorry if I offend anyone...
  17. The Fusilier – The Great War Specialist in Miniature`s (1:12 Bust/ 1:24/80mm, 1:32/54mm and 1:48 scales – price tag: £25 , £30, £15 and £5) A couple a days ago I received a package with four items – two bust, two 80mm and one in 1:48, all from The Fusilier. The Fusilier is a brand of one man: Steve Warrilow. He dedicates to sculpt beautiful figures, only of the Great War. The Fusilier was established in 1992 after some Great Years Sculpting & Casting. The Figures were in the scales of mainly 1:24th 75/80mm and 1:32nd and a large Trench Store Accessories List, all Cast in white metal in number about 150 items. There was also a side show of U.S. Civil War, and The Plains War figures but the Main Range was Dedicated to the Great War. Having Stopped Sculpting/Trading for a short period Steve was Sculpting for Peter Jackson & Wingnut Wings and a few Sculpts for Wings Cockpit Figures. Steve Warrilow own Range which are new figures released in resin (object on this review) due to the high cost of metal. The Fusilier website is now under way and should be live very shortly, which is a very good news to all modelers, because in that away it would possible to see the entire catalogue in full color. The figures we are looking at, in this review, are : British RNAS Pilot Officer 1915 (Bust 1/12 – Ref. Fus 12/01) German Pilot 1915 (Bust 1/12 – Ref. Fus 12/2) Bristish RFC Pilot (long Leather Coat) 1916 (Figure 80mm – Ref. Fus 80/12) British RFC Pilot (Winter Wollies) 1916 (Figure 80mm – Ref. Fus 80/04) British Pilot (figure in 1:48 – Ref. Fus 48/01 All the figures (with the exception of 1:48 that came on a zip-lock bag, but very well secure inside of the postal package) came in small but sturdy hard plastic box. All contain a color picture with painting instruction as well included. That color picture is also the box art. Parts were safely secured in a sort of cotton with any additional parts being put in a separate bag (as in Fus 12/1). All the resin are very well cast, smooth, and with no bubbles at all or imperfections. *** Starting with biggest ones, the molds marks on the bust head are almost unseen and it would be quite easy to remove it without damage anything. Both busts come in two pieces (body and head) and no clean up is need put both together. (German Pilot bust) The British RNAS Pilot Officer 1915 bust also bring two accessories pieces and a stick in resin to display the bust (this display piece is not present in the German Pilot Bust). The facial expression is very well achieved and the detail on the face and both busts are quite well achieved. *** The smallest figure in 1:48 (British pilot) it`s very well cast in light grey resin, also with no bubbles at all. A perfect figure to stand along your 1:48 WWI aircraft, with lots of details for 1:48 and a great posture, a typical one in WWI, a "gentleman war". Also have a little base attach, that can be easily mix into a large base to put along with a 1:48 aircraft. The nose seams a little big… No problem for me, just a guy with a big nose… I just love this figure… It`s a great addition at a beautiful price and it will look great along my 1:48 Eduard Brisfish. *** The 80mm figures are exceptional. The pose, the facial and body expression are very outstanding. Inside of the box of the British RFC Pilot (Fus 80/12) comes four pieces – head, body, left arm and a base. This figure also brings two maps, very well printed - I actually didn`t put the left arm.. it`s on its way! Cast is beautiful, with very little to clean. ** My favorite one – British Pilot witn Winter Wollies. My first impression when I see this one was: WOW!! Awe-inspiring. This figure is in one piece and also bring a base. The sculpt of this figure is exceptional. I see it and I can fell the cold winter, and strong wind hitting the face and whisking the long leather coat. See this facial expression (and the awesome detail)… The full figure is brilliant, very very smooth, with no bubbles at all. The best of all. In conclusion, all of the figures and bust are quite smooth (this ones and one 80mm figure just need a little bit of cleaning, test fitting and superglue) it`s just wash and prime and away you go. The poses of theses two figures are very lifelike and natural. These are perfect to stand on your shelf along with other stuff on WWI, mainly WnW. See some examples full painted (pictures courtesy from The Fusilier – Steve Warrilow): As someone said on the WNW Fans facebook page, “these figures make most others cartoons by comparison.” Highly recommended. My sincerely thanks to Steve Warrilow, the man behind The Fusiler for the review samples. (You can buy by send an email to: stevewwarrilow@gmail.com – and if you do don`t forget to mention WNW Fans in Facebook and LSM) Cheers Francisco
  18. A full diorama from Andrea Miniatures!! A great model kit just like the one from Tommys!!! Also big in the price tag! http://www.andreaeurope.com/en/1/andrea-miniatures/103/the-great-war-1914-1918/1981/s3-s04-tank-fight-on-the-western-front-1916.html
  19. Hi Rowan. Thanks so much for the info. Do you know the price tag?
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