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Anyone want to buy a Clunk?


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There's a small airport just north of here and they had a tenant who collected RCAF planes. 

Sadly he passed away last year and the planes are being sold off. Not in the best of conditions from being store outside though I think Ernie or Krow might be able to work some body work magic on them. 





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That Clunk, if the spar hasn’t been cut, would be only one of two or three like that.  The one at WPAFM and, I believe, Duxford? Being the only Clunks not to have been neutered.

The logistics old be insane! TWO Orendas, instead of just the one Orenda for the Sabre, plus twice as much of everything.

But having the ONLY flying CF-100 anywhere in the world would be one serious chest puffer-outer. 

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