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Smaller Wheeled Riveter Advice


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I am planning to do an 'open' Fw190 F8 with loads of AM thrown at it. But as the Brassin comes with rivets already added it would look a bit silly if the rest of the model wasn't riveted too.

I already own (but never used) a Trumpeter Master Tools Riveter that someone kindly donated to me. But i would have thought it was to large to get into the smaller radial curves. Any advice on what (relatively cheap) riveter i could try to get?

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29 minutes ago, AlanG said:

Is that the HGW ones? If so. Then yes i have considered them but without sounding a bit of a skinflint. They aint exactly cheap.

But they are defo an option.

I have the Radu (Rivet-R ) wheeled riveter, unfortunately I think he has left the company but you may be able still to purchase somewhere.....


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I have a few of these tools.

UMM also makes a p/e set .

The Trumpeter tool is adequate but will need upgrading to a steel axle and some parts to make it more useable;


This mod after testing on a 1/48 B 17 , Monogram hard plastic broke the stock plastic axle right away.

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I checked my LHS for you but they're out if stock on the Rivet-R. 

If it's BNA, it may be worth checking out what the shipping costs are. Just put it in you cart and you can get an estimate on the shipping. I've found it's sometimes cheaper to get it from them than Sprue Brothers even though I'm in Canada. Go figure. 


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