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1/24th Airfix Mosquito

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Hey Guys & Gals,


I'll try and bring you up to date on my Mossie build. I won't start again from the beginning, but if you want to see the pics from the build start you can check out my Photobucket album here (if the link works!):




This is what I've been doing recently.


Finished the ventral bay. Fuel tanks, bomb racks, canons. Also added a few hydraulic lines for the door jacks:











Scribing and riveting on the radiator panels:





Added photoetch fasteners on the engine panels:







Revised panel lines and riveting on the undercarriage nacelles:





Made locating bits for the prop and exhaust stacks:





And this is what i'm doing today. Sprayed up the nacelles in Xtra Colour RAF Sky and started the initial weathering:






Cheers people, back soon with more.





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Thanks James,


The ventral bay is mainly stock. I did detail the hydraulic panel at the very start of the build, here:




The things I have added are the canons and a few hydraulic lines. The stock detail is pretty good on its own though!



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I completely agree, I've always felt that a 1/32 Mosquito could be the perfect centerpiece for an evened-out 1/32 collection. Interestingly, and this may be the only time I'd ever ask for this, I really want a 1/144 mosquito because I'm working on a 1/144 U-Boat that was sunk by 4 mossies, and I think the display would be really badass to have the mossies in scale next to the U-Boat.

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Guys, thanks again for the comments. This baby is really coming along now.


Matt, she is quite a beast. Wingspan measures 690mm tip to tip. I took a couple of shots of it perched on my bench. There's really not a lot of space to work!









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Cheers for all the cool words Guys.


Cees, I did add the strips on top and bottom of the wings. Got another to fit over the fuselage as well soon.


I'm on a bit of a slow down at the moment. I'm attempting to make something that looks like an undercarriage door out of the 'shape' that Airfix supplies! One of the very few disappointments of this kit - the undercarriage doors! Much scratchbuilding/measuring/grunting/cutting/grunting going on at the moment.....



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Hey Guys,


I've been working to improve the kit undercarriage doors, This is what I come up with:


The Airfix door 'blank' and my effort to make it look like an actual door. Not finished yet, still have to add a few more bits, but it's getting there.





I really need to try and learn resin casting. It's something I've been thinking about recently. I have to make 3 more of these and it's gonna take a fair bit of time!!


Oh well, back to it!



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Hi Guys & Gals,


Spent most of today sanding, prepping & masking the Mossie for its primer coat. Finally got into a state that I was happy with, so on with the primer - Alclad Grey:







Big milestone this! Should have her finished by the end of the week  :wacko:.





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