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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/24th Airfix Mosquito

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Non-magnetic armor did exist per this reference, Non-magnetic Plastic Armor. I do not know if that is the case with aircraft but maybe. But I think this would only work as a scale of thickness in which case, not very practical in an aircraft. Otherwise, the only other way to make armor non-magnetic would be to use stainless steel, which was in use during the war.

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Guest styrenedemon

I don't even know what to say. The weathering leaves me speechless where sometimes weathering can go too far (in terms of realism) and still be impressive, this is amazingly beautiful yet subtle and realistic.

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Evening Guys,


Small update. I've been finishing off the motor and it's now ready to fit!


Detailed the firewall a little:




















It's going to get fitted tonight, along with a few more pipes and wiring detail.


Cheers guys, thanks for looking and for all the cool comments!



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Ah man, Chris!! this is extraordinary work sir ... I absolutely love this build. If my modelling skills get even half as good as yours, I'll be a happy man.  

Those engines are a work of art in themselves but it's the gun bay that does it for me.  

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Hey People,


Hope everyone's got a weekend of quality bench time ahead. It's holiday weekend here in the UK so I'm planning on staying put as the roads are already total chaos with folks trying to find some sun!


Anyway, slight update. I have fitted the engine and finished off the wiring and pipework. Looks pretty good, happy with the result. What do you think?














Next on the list: Wing pylons and rockets....


Thanks as always for looking, and enjoy your weekends!



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Thanks Guys,


Matt, the copper pipework is the kit parts sprayed with Alcald Copper. I gave them a wash with Vallejo black wash to dull them down a bit, then brushed on dark brown pigment powders to dirty them up a little. Quite a good effect in the end as the raw Alclad is a pretty bright finish and looks way too clean for an engine bay!

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Hi Guys,


Not much of an update, more of a plea for help/advice. I am working on the rockets at the moment and getting close to the paint stage, check out below. I decided to replace the body tubes with ally tube as the kit ones were a right pig to sand 'round'. I also reshaped the nose cones as they were a little too pointed:








The question is, looking at the photo below, I need to spray the red and white bands around the nose cones. Any ideas on how to do this easily? I have to do it on 8 rockets, all identical!!






Thanks Guys. Any help/advice greatly appreciated...



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I painted the straps on my Alb oil tank by using a heat shrink tube shrunk to the size i needed then pushed it in place on the ends ( domed end) and masked  the other side with tape you could cut a small piece off the tube like an o-ring shape then slide on 1st bit then 2nd bit, just an idea. love the rockets with the new shape nose alot

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