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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/24th Airfix Mosquito

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Thank you Guys.


I have thought about resin casting in the past but I wouldn't have a clue how. I should get on YouTube and learn how!


Unfortunately the rockets are now painted.....sorry Guys..! :popo:








Also got the props & spinners finished. Still got to do the weathering on the prop blades though.









Going to attempt to finish off the rocket heads tonight with the red and white bands. This may induce a number of four letter words though...... :help:


Cheers folks. Almost there with this one!



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HI Gents,


Getting pretty close to the finish line on this build!


Just finished off the rockets and rails:















The list of things to do is getting very small now, only a few bits to finish off..... :D


Cheers for looking,



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Greetings Chris, Guys, & Gals;


...... Another nice posting of you excellent Mossie. Over the years I have seen quite a few

builds of the Mosquito. They have all been nice..... But I believe your has be the best that

I have seen, so far. More than likely it is the British, Sky, painted under color. I love the

Coastal Command WW-II color scheme.


Anyway, I think you Mosquito is ..............................  bouncy10.gif ..... 






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Hi Gents,


Update: It's finished! (Well, very nearly...). The Mosquito itself is done, I just got to finish off the panels that will be left off. Phew!!


This will probably be my last post in this WIP thread. Once I get some decent pics I'll post it in Finished Work.


Thanks for all of your comments throughout this build, it's been a bit of a marathon...







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Hi Cees,


My next build will have tracks and an 88mm gun! Tiger 1 Afrika. My first armor since I was around 10 years old!


After that, something for the Pacific Campaign Group Build, looking at the Trumpeter Zero for that...



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  • 5 months later...


Truly jaw dropping !!

I have just started my build and would really appreciate it if you could talk us through how you built the rockets, especially the mounting brackets. In my opinion, the kit examples are not too good for this scale.





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