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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/24th Airfix Mosquito

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Hey Guys,


Many thanks for all of these kind comments. This is a pretty large and involving build, but ultimately very enjoyable! One of the best I have done. It is taking a very long time to get it as I want it, and your comments are really good at pushing me to the end.


Cheers Guys,



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Hi Guys,


Bit of an update! The Mossie is coming along nicely now, here's some pics of where I am at:


I finished detailing the undercarriage doors and got them painted up:







Added thin aluminium strips to the exhaust stubs to give them a hollow look:





Tail wheel fitted:





Fitted the flaps and undercarriage nacelles!!:



















She sits nice and level too. All credit to Airfix, the wing tips are the same distance from the ground, phew!! You never know, this may even be finished one day!


Cheers for looking,






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Cheers Dave. Next project will be a first for me. I have always been an aircraft modeller but I felt the need to spread my wings (sic) a little so I'm gonna try my hand at a bit of armor. Planning to do a DAK display, Tiger 1 & Panzer 3 together on a desert base.


We'll see how that goes, it will be virgin territory for me!!



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The Mossie looks more awesome every time I check in!

1/24 is a bit to adventurous for me, but this build will surely be a template for me (and others I imagine) if one ever comes out in 1/32...


Planning to do a DAK display, Tiger 1 & Panzer 3 together on a desert base.


We'll see how that goes, it will be virgin territory for me!!




Afrika Tiger - 'the unicorn' of all armour modelling!!

Do you know which Abt. you're building, as the two were rather different?

I'm not going to go there regarding the colour...

Let me know if you need some pointers - I am NO expert, but have read A LOT of threads over on missing-Lynx over the years, and can point you to the Tiger experten over there if you like...


PM / email me if you like




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Thanks Nick. After reading up on the Afrika Tiger I feel I may have picked a rather controversial subject for my first tank! I have no idea as yet of which Abt. I will cross that bridge when I get there. Shall I be daring and do it in olive green?! :sofa:


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Hey Guys,


Sorry about the lack of updates, things are a little slow at the bench at the moment. I have managed some time on this though, gave it an initial matt coat using Vallejo matt. After letting it cure for a day or two I gave it an overall muddy wash to tone down the brightness of the paint and make it look generally grubby, using Flory Models dark dirt wash. I prefer to use this wash on a matt surface as I can then scrub it into the paint and remove as much of the wash as I need to get the finish I'm happy with.


I've also been at it with various powder colours. Only done the one wing upper surface so far to see if I like it or not. I think it turned out OK and I'm pretty happy with the result. I think this is as far as I will go weathering wise, don't want it to be too overdone. Anyway, here's a few pics of the wing I have done. What do you think?












Actually, looking at that last photo, I'm not too sure about the light coloured wash on the black panels....hmmmm.


Cheers Guys. Comments/feedback always welcome - good or bad!




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Guest styrenedemon

It's looking really good to me. I think you are right about the weathering. I wouldn't go much furthure if it were me.


I agree with what you're thinking about the light wash over the black parts. I know it's a popular technique, but I have a hard time understanding why the panel line in the grey would have a dark brown dirt accumulated in it but the immediatley ajacent black would have a concrete colored dirt in it. I tried the Flory light dirt (which is grey) on a Hellcat and yeah...it made the panel lines pop...just didn't like it though.


That being said...you have to go with what suits your eye and honestly if you hadn't said something I'd never have noticed it. Way too caught up in the sheer awesomness of that thing.

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Hey Guys,


Bit of an update. Finished the weathering, got it as far as I want to go. I could have gone further on the undersides around the engines but I decided to keep it fairly subdued. Also fitted the ventral bay doors, along with their hydraulic jacks and flexible hoses.


Everything unmasked, you can now see the pilot's DV window slid open (it survived the masking tape!!). Next task: detail the firewall and install the engine.


Check out the pics, feedback always welcome.























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