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WnW DH9.a Ninak Finished!

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Hi all,


As mentioned in the build thread I finally finished the Ninak:




The scheme I chose was flown by Captain Andrew Glover Inglis ASC who was awarded the WW1 Territorial Force War Medal.

And wouldn't you know it? That's the medal I placed on the base. His plane crash landed behind enemy lines in 1918 and he became a prisoner of war. The plane is now in the Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon.


This kit is just the sweetest kit I've ever build. The fit, engineering, detail... amazing.

But still I recommend using the full HGW upgrade. The detail that adds to the guns and bomb racks is worth the money.


Used EZ line for the rigging in combination with Bob's buckles and some Gaspatch ones'.


It took me a couple of months to complete this kit but that says more about my modelling speed as supposed to the complexity of the kit.


Here are some pics.




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Thnx guys! Much appreciated.

@ Jeroen Veen: Next up is the Rumpler (started cleaning parts), but maybe a DVII will jump the queue :)


I never really loved the Ninak's shapes. Thought the nose resembled the front end of a russian tractor.

But i guess like with all subjects they grow on you while emerging in the background, history and details.




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Looks awesome, Jeroen!


Though if I might, the pics themselves look somewhat blue-shifted (I've had that problem on black backgrounds from time to time)...

Hi Matt,


You are right. I only adjusted the last pic in photoshop, but then realised i liked the blue toned pics more and left it like that.

Gives an eerie atmosphere :)

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