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AFV Club FV107 Scimitar 1/35

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On 5/29/2021 at 1:53 PM, Jackster said:

will be building it in the role of Royal Air Force EOD from the late 1980's. Never tackled this much PE before so it should be fun :-)

Nice choice Kev, never seen one of these built up. Also never built AFV Club so again like RFM, interested how it goes together…..for the PE, I find the Gorilla Super Glue Gel good…….:2c:

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Thanks guys, I will try the Gorilla glue Phil, thanks. I never got to go for a ride in one of these Mark wish I had now though.

Made a start on the road wheels. All pretty straight forward so far.






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Things got in the way of the build thread, but I have managed to finish this at last. Really enjoyed the build apart from the AFV Club tracks. I could just not get them to work, so ended up going with the ones in the kit. 








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