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Crane Jane and Maz Man


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Hey All,


  The build continues, but at a reduces rate lately, but steady. A couple of hours a night.  I have built the components for the rest of the suspension system.  These are some of the craziest shapes I think I have ever built.










I now have to make copies of these for each wheel.  I'll be back with molds and casts next.


A brief posting for now, more later. Thanks All.

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Hey All,

 the build continues.  A small post this week again.

I have started with the casting of the suspension parts.


The molds are set.........




the pours have started........




and the parts are being cast...........




it's all going slow but getting done.  I will soon have all the parts to wrap up the suspension system and get the wheels mounted.


I'll be back with more parts, Thanks All. till next time.........


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Hey All,

A small posting today.

I have the casting finished and ready for install.

These are some of the parts needed for the suspension system.




very thin flashing on my parts, but easily cleaned. 




I have parts for each wheel set for install.




I now need to get these together and installed for the wrap up of the suspension system.

Next time All...........

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Hey Guys,


  Work continues with the suspension system.  Boring repetitive building.  These are the shock absorber anchor posts.





Closeup test fitting the rear wheel hub....



everything fits good........



You can see how the shock anchors mount on the side of the frame....



Cup cakes are finally filled with the rear wheel hubs and ready to mount.....



These got to be a pain in the wheel to mount.  Once I had everything to this point was fine, but when I swing up the hub, I had very small amount of room to pin this together.



Tight work, but everything fits and is ready for tires.



You can see how I just slip the tires onto the rear wheel hubs.



Back tires mounted, test fitting feels good........




I still have some work to do for the front mountings.  The front hub assembly is a bit more complex due to steering elements.  


I'll be back a bit later this time with the next update.  I have power contractors coming to re-wire the house for the next 4-5 days or so.


I'll keep working when I can, post when I can soon.  Thanks all.

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Hey All,


 I'm on the other side of the home improvements, and now in the twenty first century.  I managed to finish with the suspension system, with wheels.  A big achievement for this build.


more steering parts............



I got everything mounted and in place.



This is a big milestone with this build,  Up on all eights.





That's it for the suspension.  I have plumbing to the wheel hubs to finish, but all done.


Now back to the engine build.

Thanks all for watching.

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Hey Guys,

  a quick post today.  I have constructed the linkage for the steering, and built the main hydraulic pumps to put on the breaks.

steer linkage......




These are the hydraulic pumps.  These live outside the frame between the suspension components.  I used a heavy duty plastic striped straw to make the main body parts.


Most of this lives under the engine, along with an amount of plumbing that is just stupid for the size of spot it is to fit into.



All this needs to be mounted into place and all the plumbing in this spot needs to be in place to get the engine into it's proper place

I'll be back, with filling the space.  

Thanks All

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Thanks for watching guys.  

This posting is a progression of the hoses and wiring, but not everything just yet.

I started with a purpose in mind with the hoses and wiring, but quickly lost my way, to the point where I'm now just laying lines because they look cool. 

In the real world, all of these lines are black hoses and wires that you can't tell what the heck they are. I chose to run my lines as hard lines instead of soft hoses.  My thoughts at the time were to make the different lines different colors and to be a bit more organized with the layout of things.  

That's all out the window at this point.  


Air Lines......




I laid some pipe to where ever else I could think of, and then some.....







It was at this point that I received some new reference photos, and started with the soft lines.  Thanks Ivan.













Hydraulic Pumps, one on each side.




I sprayed the tires with black satin.  A little to shinny for me.  I'll over spray everything with a dull coat before the body work starts.










It's now time to start with hooking up the Transmission to the engine, with all those hoses and wires.

I'm also finishing off the engine build with the radiator fans.

Until next time.........

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This will be the last posting of the open frame.  I have everything I want to accomplish at this point and I'm ready to move along.

These photos are of the last remaining components to be added to the frame along with making sure that everything holds together for the future body work.

I believe that this is the compressor for the air tanks.




and this is where it lives.




I believe this is the main fill/bleed pump for the brakes. 




it's located here............




and these are the fan parts........




in the groove........


thank you fans............


mounted into place.......



I'll add more dirt and grease as I go along, but this is now a rolling frame,100% done.











the body work starts with the front bumper.  I'll be back.

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Thanks Guys,

I needed to post today before things get to far ahead.  I have built the front bumper, and the cabin heater core, along with more steering elements.  Short and sweet report today.

the front bumper under construction........



test fit........



painting the bumper...........





Bottom's up.............







painted the cabin heater core............



the under side.........



it lives here, under the cabin floor...............



this view shows the build up of items under the cabin.


the cabin floor comes next.

Thanks All............

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Hey Altogether,

Todays report is in the middle of a mess with the cabs.  I say "cabs" with an "s" because I have two to build simultaneously.  Both the same, but not the same.  I am attempting to build these a bit the same way as the frog-7 cab.  That is, an outside shell and slipping the interior build into the outside shell.

The wall structure is a bit different than I have worked with before.  Two of the cab walls are also the engine fire walls.  These appear to be a single wall, where as the front and outside walls are shell and interior.  More structural research needed there.

starting with cutting the parts........




Always test fitting.........



Drivers cab............





Missile launch cab.  Altho no more missile.




 I believe that I have seen a cage around the engine to help support the engine cover.  More to come on that.........


Nose job...........





I will continue to research the innards........

That's it for now, the build continues.  Thanks All


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