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Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum


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As requested, here are pics from our recent visit to the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum. Bushplanes played a significant role in helping to open up the Canadian north. They helped in mapping it out and establishing communities and providing communication and transport, something they still do today. 

The Museum is located on the first air base that was established for fire bombing in Canada so there are also a number of exhibits tied into that bit of history as well.









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Thanks for the pictures. It looks like an interesting museum. I was surprised

to see that bright yellow Republic RC-3 Seabee there. It brings back memories. I had in the 1970's

a neighbor that had his own Air strip and his Seabee would frequently be seen over our

neighborhood. I still remember the sound of its engine .


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On 9/4/2021 at 7:45 PM, BlrwestSiR said:

I thought you'd like that one. 

If you look at Tony Fokker’s 1920s airliners, they use exactly the same technology he used through the latter half of WW1: Welded steel truss fuselage, and wood wings.

Those airliners we’re the best in the world for years.  They play huge in not only opening up Canada’s north, but also in the history of Australia.

It was the crash of a Fokker Trimotor airliner that led directly to the development of the Douglas DC-1 and 2.  Then of course, the DST, which led directly to the DC-3, and since then, the world has never been the same.

I respect the crap out of Tony Fokker. He was just like Henry Ford.  He had a good formula and absolutely refused to update his way of thinking. Hard headed just like Ford, but he made money and didn’t like change.  Unfortunately, Tony Fokker didn’t have a son like Edsel Ford who could work around his stodgy dad and save the Company.

Fokker’s designs were good. But the wood wings needed special care that hard working revenue equipment just wasn’t going to get. So eventually, one failed in a thunderstorm and the rest is history. 

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