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14 minutes ago, harv said:

Might consider a 48 th..harv

The Trumpy kit shouldn't be too bad if he's not a rivet counter.  I sold my last one for the cost of postage as the kit was rivetted by the Mad-Rivetter of Shanghai.  Lotsa 1/48 kits around....    just avoid the Kittyhawk one.  I've read that it's a disaster.

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The overall shape isn't bad but the rivets are brutal. Plus the radio hatch door is a very thick plate more than a hatch. The exhaust stacks are a pain to assemble. Someone made resin replacements but I don't recall who. Not one of the big players. 

The biggie is the way too shallow cockpit floor. The new kit from Great Wall actually had the floor as the top of the wing like it is in reality. The only AM cockpit that I've found that is the correct depth is the PE one made by Part. Everyone else's isn't truly the right depth. 


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