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Mirage 2000D


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55 minutes ago, mark31 said:

Almost 2 times airborne

Would have been a shame. All in all a very nice result Mark. I like the camo scheme, but honestly prefer single seater Mirages, as the second seat looks a bit like added in a field workshop later.

Cheers Rob

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Great result in the end Mark. Worth all the hassles.

Why can't anyone do a decent Mirage kit, they aren't complex airframes? The Italeri/Revell IIIC/E is a dog as well as a few of us here have found out recently. 

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10 hours ago, Kaireckstadt said:

Great result and stunning camouflage Mark. I love wraparound schemes and you did it justice.

Is it really finished? The bangseats look quite unusual to me. Even as if they are unpainted?

thanks but this are not the best pics i think its about the light on the model


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So glad you held back and kept at it rather then letting her almost fly twice. Stunning finish and a ton of work, not to mention a wonderful display presentation. 
From what I can see of the cockpit photograph, lighting seems even and the white balance is good. For me it’s the depth of field that is the issue as only the seat cushion is in focus, so you eye is only drawn to just the cushion. Photography is a passion for me, so I notice such things. 
Keep ‘em comin


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